Another day, another annual. This time, it’s one of the occasional ones that the SFA put out. In fairness to this one, in style, it is more aimed at the teenage market than some of the others were but I could kill the graphics guy. Most of the photos are at jaunty angles or half the photo has the real background with the white background of the page the other half. Some of the photos are actually quite good and there’s even some of the players rarely seen in a Scotland strip i.e. Frank McLintock; so for scanning purposes it’s useless. It is the 1993 annual so therefore printed in 1992 and looks back to that summer’s Euros with reports on Scotland ‘s three games.
There’s a couple of articles on Great Games but I can’t believe they used pictures of Billy Bremner from 1970 and Denis Law possibly in 1973 for the ’67 Wembley game.
Overall, it’s not too bad but a bit thin.