We are looking to split up our programmes into Home / Away and other. ‘Other’ will include Under 21’s, 23’s , 19’s, Schoolboys etc and even wimmen.[There goes our grant from the Equality Commission]. There will also be some testimonials included also. As always check back in a wee while to see what we’ve managed to list.

Scotland 1954LEAGUEloi

November 1954  Scottish League 5  League of Ireland 0


October 1957   Scottish League 7  Irish League 0

Scotland 1961Scotland 1961r

November 1961 – The Scottish League drew 1-1 with the Italian League which included Denis Law, John Charles and Gerry Hitchins in their line-up. Attendance:67,966.

Scotland 1962Scotland 1962r








February 1968


March 1966    English League 1  Scottish League 3

Scotland 1969Scotland 1969r

March 1969  Scottish League 1 English League 3

Scotland 70Scotland 70r

May 1970 Scotland beat France to clinch third place whilst our semi-final conquerors, Netherlands, draw 1-1 with East Germany in the final but lose the trophy on the toss of a coin!

Wales v Scotland Under-23 International Friendly.


Scotland won 3-2  thanks to a Willie Pettigrew double and a goal from Tommy Craig.


Scotland’s Last Ever Under 23 game.

Scotland 1976Scotland 1976r

March 1976  Scottish League 0  Football [ie English] League 1 [Attendance 8,800 -Thank you and goodnight]

Scotland 1981Scotland 1981r

December 1981   Scotland [with Paul McStay, Gary MacKay, Eric Black and Pat Nevin in their squad] draw 0-0 with  West Germany.

Scotland 89Scotland 89r



June 1989 and Scotland’s Young Team lose to Saudi Arabia Old Boys in the final at Hampden Park.

Scotland 1990Scotland 1990r

Scotland 2010Scotland 2010i

August 2010  Scotland Women beat Greece Women 4-1 but ultimately fail to reach the World Cup Finals.

Scotland 2011Scotland 2011r

August 2011 Scotland Under-21s 3  Norway Under 21s 0

Scotland 2012Scotland 2012i

October 2012  Scotland Women draw 1-1 with Spain Women and ultimately fail to qualify for the European Championship Finals.

Scotland 2014Scotland 2014i

June 2014   Scotland Women lose 1-3 to Sweden Women in a World Cup qualifier….and the female famine continues.