We’re looking to add some team photos from over the years and will be adding to this every now and then; check it out again soon.

1st October, 1949

Northern Ireland V Scotland, Home Internationals

Windsor Park, Belfast


Line Up; Bobby Evans, Willie Woodburn, Jimmy Cowan, Sammy Cox, George Aitken,

Willie Waddell, Jimmy Mason, George Young, Eric Morris, Billy Steel and Lawrie Reilly.

Score – Northern Ireland 2 Scotland 8

Scorers – Northern Ireland – Smyth (50,60)

Scotland – Morris (2, 70, 88), Waddell (5, 31 pen.), Steel (23), Reilly (24), Mason (80)

16th October, 1954

Wales v Scotland, British Cahmpionships

Ninian Park, Cardiff


Line Up: Willie Waddell, Jimmy Davidson, Willie Fraser, Peter Buckley, Don Cowie, Tommy Ring

Tommy Docherty, Willie Cunningham, George Young, Henry Yorston and Willie Fernie

Score : Wales 0 Scotland 1

Scorer: Peter Buckley (70)

12th May, 1955

Yugoslavia v Scotland, International Friendly

J.N.A. Stadion, Belgrade

SGT&S Team Photo Annual Yugoslavia

Line Up : (L. to R.) Lawrie Reilly, Billy Liddell, Bobby Collins, Gordon Smith, John Cummings, Tommy Gemmell, Bobby Evans, Harry Haddock, Alex Parker, Tommy Younger, George Young.

Score : Yugoslavia 2 Scotland 2

Scorers : Yugoslavia – Veselinovic (13), Vukas (38); Scotland – Reilly (30), Smith (40)


20th October, 1956

Wales v Scotland, British Championships

Ninian Park, Cardiff


Line-Up: Alex Parker, Ian McColl, Tommy Younger, John Hewie, Doug Cowie

Graham Leggat, Jackie Mudie, Lawrie Reilly, George Young, Bobby Collins and Willie Fernie.

Score: Wales 2 Scotland 2

Scorers: Wales – Ford (7), Medwin (32), Scotland – Fernie (22), Reilly (36)

6th April, 1957

Scotland v England, British Championships

Wembley Stadium, London


Line Up: Willie McNaught (12th man), Bobby Collins, Willie Fernie, Tommy Younger, John Hewie, Tommy Ring, Ian McColl,

Tommy Docherty, Lawrie Reilly, George Young, Jackie Mudie and Eric Caldow.

Score: England 2 Scotland 1

Scorers: England – Kevan (63), Edwards (81); Scotland – Ring (Clyde)


5th October, 1957

Northern Ireland v Scotland, British Championships

Windsor Park, Belfast


Line Up: Ian McColl, Bobby Evans, Tommy Younger, Alex Parker, Eric Caldow

Graham Leggat, Bobby Collins, Jackie Mudie, Tommy Docherty, Sammy Baird and Tommy Ring.

Score : Northern Ireland 1 Scotland 1

Scorers : Northern Ireland – Simpson (47), Scotland – Leggat (58)


1st June, 1958

Yugoslavia v Scotland,  World Cup Finals

Arosvallen, Vasteras, Sweden


Line-Up: John Hewie, Eric Caldow, Tommy Younger, Eddie Turnbull, Bobby Evans, Doug Cowie

Graham Leggat, Jimmy Murray, Jackie Mudie, Bobby Collins, Stuart Imlach.

Score: Yugoslavia 1 Scotland 1

Scorers: Yugoslavia – Petakovic (6), Murray (51).

18th October, 1958.

Wales v Scotland, Home Internationals

Ninian Park, Cardiff

Line Up: Jackie Henderson, Willie Toner, Bill Brown, John Grant, Eric Caldow, Tommy Docherty.
Graham Leggat, Bobby Collins, Dave MacKay, Denis Law (making his debut)and David Herd

Score: Wales 0 Scotland 3

Scorers: Leggat (30), Law (70), Collins (82)

11th April, 1959

England v Scotland, Home International

Wembley Stadium, London


Line Up: Bobby Collins, Tommy Docherty, Willie Ormond, Graham Leggat, Bobby Evans, Eric Caldow, Duncan MacKay, David Herd, John Dick and Bill Brown.

Missing player ; Dave MacKay

Score: England 1 Scotland 0

Scorer: Bobby Charlton (59)

9th November, 1960

Scotland v Northern Ireland, Home International Championships

Hampden Park, Glasgow


Line Up: Manager – Ian McColl, Duncan McKay, Dave MacKay, Jackie Penderleith, Lawrence Leslie, Jim Baxter, Eric Caldow, Jimmy Millar (12th Man – Did not Play), Dawson Walker (Trainer)

George Herd, Denis Law, Alex Young, Ralph Brand and Davie Wilson

Score: Scotland 5, Northern Ireland 2

Scorers: Scotland – Law (8), Caldow (43, pen.), Young (72), Brand (80,90), Northern Ireland – Blanchflower (48), McParland (84)

15th April, 1961

England v Scotland, Home Internationals Championships

Wembley, London


Line Up: Bobby Shearer, Eric Caldow, Frank Haffey, Billy McNeill, Bert McCann, Dave MacKay

John MacLeod, Denis Law, Ian St. John, Pat Quinn, Davie Wilson and 12th man Duncan Mackay

Score: England 9 Scotland 3

Scorers : England – Robson (9), Greaves (21, 30, 83), Douglas (55), Smith (73, 85), Haynes (78, 82). Scotland – MacKay (48), Wilson (53), Quinn (75)

14th April 1962

Scotland v England, Home International Championships,

Hampden Park, Glasgow



Alex Hamilton, Eric Caldow, Bill Brown, Pat Crerand, Billy McNeill, Jim Baxter,

Alex Scott, John White, Ian St. John, Denis Law and Davie Wilson

Score : Scotland 2 England 0

Scorers : Wilson (13), Caldow (88 pen.)


11th April, 1964

Scotland v England, British Championship

Hampden Park, Glasgow


Line Up: Alex Hamilton, Jim Kennedy, John Greig, Campbell Forsyth, Ron Yeats (12th man), Billy McNeill

Willie Henderson, John White, Alan Gilzean, Denis Law, Davie Wilson and Jim Baxter.

Score : Scotland 1 England 0

Scorer : Alan Gilzean (72)

12th May, 1964

West Germany v Scotland, International Friendly

Niedersachen Stadion, Hanover


Line Up: (L to R) Willie Henderson, Davie Wilson, Jim Baxter, Alan Gilzean, John White, Denis Law, John Greig, Jim Kennedy, Alex Hamilton, Jim Cruickshank and Billy McNeill

Score: West Germany 2 Scotland 2

Scorers: West Germany ( Seeler 32, 33), Scotland – Gilzean (70, 84)


10th April, 1965

England v Scotland, Home International

Wembley Stadium, London


Line Up: Walter McRae (Trainer), Alex Hamilton, Bill Brown, Pat Crerand, Billy McNeill, John Greig, Eddie McCreadie

Front ; Ian St. John, Willie Henderson, Bobby Collins, Billy Bremner (12th man), Denis Law, Davie Wilson

Score: England 2 Scotland 2

Scorers: England – B. Charlton (25), Jimmy Greaves (35)

Scotland – Law (41), St. John (59)

9th November, 1965

Scotland v Italy

Hampden Park, Glasgow


Line Up: John Greig, David Provan, Bill Brown, Bobby Murdoch, Jim Baxter, Ronnie McKinnon

Neil Martin, Billy Bremner, Willie Johnston (12th man), John Hughes, Willie Henderson and Alan Gilzean

Score: Scotland 1 Italy 0

Scorer: Greig (88)


15th April, 1967

England v Scotland, Home International / Euro Qualifier

Wembley Stadium, London


Line Up: Bobby Brown (Manager), John Greig, Frank McLintock, Eddie McCreadie, Ronnie McKinnon, Ronnie Simpson, Bobby Ferguson, Denis Law, Walter McRae (Trainer).

Jim Baxter, Stevie Chalmers, Billy Bremner, Tommy Gemmell, Jim McCalliog and Bobby Lennox.

Willie Wallace who played in the game is not pictured as he was a late replacement for Jimmy Johnstone (also not pictured) in the team due to injury. McLintock, Ferguson and Chalmers were all listed as reserves

Score: England 2 Scotland 3

Scorers: England – J.Charlton (84), Hurst (88)

Scotland – Law (27), Lennox (78), McCalliog (87)

24th February, 1968

Scotland v England, Home International / Euro Qualifier

Hampden Park, Glasgow

Soccer - Home Championship & European Championship Qualifier - Scotland v England - Hampden Park

Tommy Gemmell, Ronnie McKinnon, Billy McNeill, Ronnie Simpson, John Greig, Eddie McCreadie

Charlie Cooke, Billy Bremner, Alan Gilzean, Willie Johnston, Bobby Lennox

(Photo is taken at Largs, however, Gilzean dropped out and never played with John Hughes coming in instead).

Score : Scotland 1 England 1

Scorers: Scotland – Hughes (39), England – Peters (20)

16th April, 1969

Scotland v West Germany, World Cup Qualifier

Hampden Park, Scotland


Line Up: Bobby Murdoch, Tommy Gemmell, Ronnie McKinnon, Tommy Lawrence, John Greig, Eddie McCreadie

Jimmy Johnstone, Billy Bremner, Denis Law, Alan Gilzean, Bobby Lennox

Score: Scotland 1 West Germany 1

Scorers: Scotland – Murdoch (88), Muller (39)

13th October, 1971

Scotland v Portugal, Euro Qualifier

Hampden Park, Glasgow


Line Up: Tommy Docherty (Manager), David Hay, Eddie Colquhoun, Bob Wilson, Pat Stanton, George Graham, Sandy Jardine, Tom McNiven (Trainer)

Jimmy Johnstone, Archie Gemmill, Billy Bremner, Alex Cropley and John O’Hare.


Squad Photo;

Tom McNiven (Trainer), David Hay, Tony Green, Archie Gemmill, John O’Hare, Sandy Jardine, Alex Cropley, Pat Stanton, Jimmy Johnstone, Tommy Docherty

Front row; Jim McCalliog, Bobby Clark, Eddie Colquhoun, Bob Wilson, George Graham, Martin Buchan and Billy Bremner

Score: Scotland 2 Portugal 1

Scorers: Scotland – O’Hare (23), Gemmill (58) Portugal – Rodrigues (57)

10th November, 1971

Scotland v Belgium, Euro Qualifier

Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen


Squad Photo; 

Tommy Docherty (Manager), Martin Buchan, David Hay, Bobby Clark, Alan Rough (Yep five years before his debut), Eddie Gray, Sandy Jardine, Pat Stanton, Willie Young, Tom  McNiven (Trainer)

John Hansen, Stevie Murray (Aberdeen), Jimmy Johnstone, Billy Bremner, Alex Cropley, John O’Hare, Kenny Dalglish and Jim Steele (Dundee).

Score: Scotland 1 Belgium 0

Scorer: John O’Hare (6)

5th July, 1972

Brazil v Scotland, Brazilian Independence Cup

Estadio Maracana, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Line Up: Martin Buchan, Eddie Colquhoun, George Graham, Bobby Clark, Willie Donachie, Billy Bremner

Asa Hartford, Lou Macari, Denis Law, Willie Morgan

Score: Brazil 1 Scotland 0

Scorer: Jairzinho (80)

26th September, 1973

Scotland v Czechoslovakia, World Cup Qualifier

Hampden Park, Glasgow

Not sure when this photo was taken as it is of the actual team that started that night so perhaps it was down at Largs before the game.


Line Up: Billy Bremner, Denis Law, Willie Morgan. Kenny Dalglish, Tommy Hutchison, Sandy Jardine, Danny McGrain, Ally Hunter, David Hay, George Connelly and Jim Holton

Score: Scotland 2 Czechoslovakia 1

Scorers: Scotland – Holton (40), Jordan (75), Czechoslovakia – Nehoda (33)

27th March, 1974

West Germany v Scotland, International Friendly

Waldstadion, Frankfurt


Line Up: Denis Law, Willie Morgan, Kenny Burns, Tommy Hutchison, Pat Stanton, Martin Buchan, Erich Schaedler, Kenny Dalglish, Sandy Jardine, Thomson Allan and David Hay

Score: West Germany 2 Scotland 1

Scorers: West Germany – Breitner (33, pen.), Grabowski (35), Scotland – Dalglish (77)

14th June 1974

Zaire v Scotland, World Cup Group Match

Westfalen Stadion, Dortmund, West Germany



David Harvey, Jim Holton, Joe Jordan, Danny McGrain, John Blackley,

Kenny Dalglish, Sandy Jardine, Peter Lorimer, Billy Bremner, David Hay and Denis Law (in his final game)

Score: Zaire 0 Scotland 2

Scorers: Lorimer (26), Jordan (33).

18th June, 1974

Brazil v Scotland, World Cup Group Match

Wald Stadion, Frankfurt

ecosse - scotland - wm 74 -

Line Up: Billy Bremner, David Harvey, Sandy Jardine, Danny McGrain, Peter Lorimer, Joe Jordan, David Hay, Kenny Dalglish, Martin Buchan, Jim Holton and Willie Morgan

Score: Brazil 0 Scotland 0

5th February, 1975

Spain v Scotland, European Championship Qualifier

Estadio Luis Casanova, Valencia


Line Up: Billy Bremner, David Harvey, Piper, Sandy Jardine, Danny McGrain, Kenny Burns, Charlie Cooke, Kenny Dalglish, Martin Buchan, Joe Jordan and Gordon McQueen.

Score : Spain 1 Scotland 1

Scorers : Spain – Mejido (67), Scotland – Jordan (2)


4th June, 1977

England v Scotland, Home Internationals

Wembley Stadium, London


Line Up: Bruce Rioch, Alan Rough, Danny McGrain, Gordon McQueen, Kenny Dalglish, Joe Jordan, Willie Donachie, Tom Forsyth, Don Masson, Willie Johnston, Asa Hartford

Score: England 1 Scotland 2

Scorers: England – Channon (87, pen.), Scotland – McQueen (43), Dalglish (61)

18th June 1977

Argentina v Scotland Friendly

Estadio Boca Juniors, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Line up : Kenny Dalglish, Willie Johnston, Alan Rough, Willie Donachie, Danny McGrain

Martin Buchan, Lou Macari, Archie Gemmill, Asa Hartford, Don Masson, Tom Forsyth

Score: Argentina 1 Scotland 1

Scorers : Argentina – Passarella (81, pen), Scotland – Don Masson (77, pen)

11th June, 1978

Netherlands v Scotland, World Cup Finals

Estadio San Martin, Mendoza, Argentina

Scotland 78 Road Team, WC Holland

Line-Up: Asa Hartford, Willie Donachie, Martin Buchan, Tom Forsyth, Joe Jordan, Graeme Souness, Kenny Dalglish, Archie Gemmill, Stuart Kennedy, Alan Rough, Bruce Rioch

Score: Netherlands 2 Scotland 3

Scorers: Netherlands – Rensenbrink (34, pen), Rep (71), Scotland – Dalglish (44), Gemmill (46 pen, 68)

25th February, 1981

Israel v Scotland, World Cup Qualifier

Ramat Gan Stadion, Tel Aviv.


Line-up: Alex McLeish, John Wark, Graeme Souness, Kenny Dalglish, Steve Archibald, John Robertson, Kenny Burns, Frank Gray, Danny McGrain, Alan Rough and Archie Gemmill.

Score : Israel 0 Scotland 1

Scorer: Dalglish (54)

16th May, 1981

Wales v Scotland, Home Internationals

Vetch Field, Swansea


Line Up: (L to R) Willie Miller, Davie Provan, Arthur Graham, Joe Jordan, Gordon McQueen, Kenny Burns, David Narey, Ray Stewart, Frank Gray, Alan rough and Asa Hartford.

Score : Wales 2 Scotland 0

Scorers: Walsh (17, 20)

18th November, 1981

Portugal v Scotland, World Cup Qualifier

Estadio Da Luz, Lisbon


Line Up: Asa Hartford, Paul Sturrock, Billy Thomson, Frank Gray, Gordon Strachan, Ray Stewart, Davie Provan, Steve Archibald, Graeme Souness and Willie Miller

Score: Portugal 2 Scotland 1

Scorers: Portugal – Fernandes (39, 56), Scotland – Sturrock (9)


15th June 1982

New Zealand v Scotland, World Cup Finals

Estadio La Rosaleda


Line up:

Danny McGrain, Alan Rough, Kenny Dalglish, Aaln Hansen, Frank Gray, Allan Evans, Gordon Strachan, John Robertson, Graeme Souness, Alan Brazil and John Wark

Score: New Zealand 2 Scotland 5

Scorers : New Zealand – Sumner (55), Wooddin (65). Scotland – Dalglish (18), Wark (29, 32), Robertson (73), Archibald (80).

30th March, 1983

Scotland v Switzerland, Euro Qualifier

Hampden Park


Line up : Graeme Souness, Jim Leighton, Kenny Dalglish, Frank Gray, Alan Hansen, Gordon Strachan, Peter Weir, Richard Gough, Charlie Nicholas, John Wark and Willie Miller

Score: Scotland 2 Switzerland 2

Scorers: Scotland – Wark (70), Nicholas (76), Switzerland – Egli (15), Hermann (58)

28th May, 1983

Wales v Scotland, British Championship

Ninian Park, Cardiff


Line Up: (L to R) Alex McLeish, Willie Miller, David Narey, Eamonn Bannon, Gordon Strachan, Richard Gough, Alan Brazil, Andy Gray, Frank Gray, Jim Leighton and Graeme Souness.

Score: Wales 0 Scotland 2

Scorers: A. Gray (11), Brazil (67)


14th November 1984

Scotland v Spain, World Cup Qualifier,

Hampden Park



Graeme Souness, Jim Leighton, Kenny Dalglish, Stevie Nicol, Jim Bett, Mo Johnston, Paul McStay, Davie Cooper, Arthur Albiston, Willie Miller, Alex McLeish

Score: Scotland 3 Spain 1

Scorers: Scotland – Mo Johnston (33, 42), Kenny Dalglish (75)

Spain – Goicoechea (68)

25th May 1985

Scotland v England Rous Cup,

Hampden Park


Pictured are: Alan Rough, Richard Gough. Alex McLeish, Roy Aitken, Jim Leighton, Maurice Malpas, David Speedie, Stevie Archibald, Willie Miller, Maurice Johnston

Jim Bett. Graeme Souness, Murdo MacLeod and Gordon Strachan.

Score: Scotland 1 England 0

Scorer : Richard Gough (68)

10th September, 1985

Wales v Scotland, World Cup Qualifier

Ninian Park, Cardiff

Scotland 1985 wales

Line Up: David Speedie, Richard Gough, Alex McLeish, Graeme Sharp, Jim Bett, Stevie Nicol, Gordon Strachan, Maurice Malpas, Roy Aitken, Jim Leighton and Willie Miller

Score: Wales 1 Scotland 1

Scorers: Wales – Hughes, 13, Scotland – Davie Cooper (Penalty, 81)

4th December, 1995

Australia v Scotland, World Cup Play-Off

Olympic Park, Melbourne

australia scotland 2

Line Up: Graeme Souness, Jim Leighton, Roy Aitken, Maurice Malpas, Paul McStay, Davie Cooper, Frank McAvennie, Richard Gough, Willie Miller, Alex McLeish and David Speedie

Score: Australia 0 Scotland 0


28th January, 1986

Israel v Scotland, International Friendly

Ramat Gan Stadion, Tel Aviv, Israel


Line Up: Charlie Nicholas, Eamonn Bannon, Graeme Sharp, David Narey, Richard Gough, Jim Bett, Paul McStay, Roy Aitken, Maurice Malpas, Jim Leighton, Willie Miller

Score: Israel 0 Scotland 1

Scorer : Paul McStay

1986 World Cup Squad (well . . . some of them)


Pictured are;

Starting left to right; Alex Ferguson (Manager), Willie Miller, Frank MacAvennie, Eamonn Bannon, David Narey, Roy Aitken, Richard Gough;

Scrunched up in the middle; Charlie Nicholas, Paul McStay, Graeme Sharp, Paul Sturrock

Front Row; Davie Cooper, Arthur Albiston, Maurice Malpas, Jim Bett,  Jim Leighton and Gordon Strachan and his flyaway hair.

Still in the bar presumably; Alan Rough, Andy Goram, Steve Archibald, Alex McLeish, Graeme Souness and Stevie Nicol

4th June, 1986

Denmark v Scotland, World Cup Group Match

Estadio Neza, Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico


Line Up: Willie Miller, Alex Mcleish, Stevie Nicol, Jim Leighton, Richard Gough, Roy Aitken

Gordon Strachan, Paul Sturrock, Charlie Nicholas, Graeme Souness, Maurice Malpas

Score: Denmark 1 Scotland 0

Scorer : Elkjaer-Larsen (57)

13th June, 1986

Uruguay v Scotland, World Cup Group Match

Estadio Neza, Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico


Image (88)

Gordon Strachan, Graeme Sharp, David Narey, Richard Gough, Jim Leighton, Roy Aitken

Paul McStay, Stevie Nicol, Arthur Albiston, Pual Sturrock and Willie Miller

Score: Uruguay 0 – Scotland 0

15th October, 1986

Republic of Ireland V Scotland, European Championship Qualifier

Lansdowne Road, Dublin


Line Up: Roy Aitken, Jim Leighton, David Narey, Ray Stewart, Richard Gough, Graeme Sharp, Alan Hansen, Murdo MacLeod, Paul McStay, Mo Johnston, Gordon Strachan

Score: Republic of Ireland 0 Scotland 0


22nd March, 1988

Malta v Scotland, International Friendly

Ta’Qali Stadium, Valletta


Line Up: Roy Aitken, Stevie Clarke, Derek Ferguson, Willie Miller, Jim Leighton

Maurice Malpas, Alex Mcleish, Gary MacKay, Graeme Sharp, Iain Durrant and Ally McCoist

Same Game


Score: Malta 1 Scotland 1

Scorers: Malta – Busuttil (53), Sharp – Scotland (21)

27th April, 1988

Spain v Scotland, International Friendly

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid

Scotland 1988.04.27.Madrid,Spain.IFM-Spain v Scotland 0-0 No1

Roy Aitken, Richard Gough, Gary Gillespie, Alex McLeish, Stevie Nicol, Jim Leighton, Willie Miller

Ian Durrant, Paul McStay, Mo Johnston and Ally McCoist

Score: Spain 0 Scotland 0

22nd December, 1988

Italy v Scotland, International Friendly

Stadio Renato Curi, Perugia


Line Up: Roy Aitken, Andy Goram, Maurice Johnston, Maurice Malpas, Paul McStay, Kevin Gallacher, Ian Ferguson, Alex Mcleish, David Narey, Richard Gough and Murdo MacLeod.

Score: Italy 2 Scotland 0

Scorers : Giannini (47), Berti (70)


30th May, 1989

Scotland v Chile, Rous Cup Match

Hampden Park

Scotland 1989 1

Line up: Jim Leighton, Roy Aitken, Maurice Malpas, Gary Gillespie, Alan McInally, Stewart McKimmie, Paul McStay, Peter Grant, Murdo MacLeod, Alex McLeish and David Speedie

Score: Scotland 2 Chile 0

Scorers: McInally (4), MacLeod (52)

11th June, 1990

Costa Rica v Scotland, World Cup Group Match

Stadio Luigi Ferraris, Genoa, Italy


Line Up: Maurice Malpas, Richard Gough, Jim Leighton, Dave McPherson, Alex Mcleish

Alan McInally, Paul McStay, Maurice Johnston, Roy Aitken, Stuart McCall and Jim Bett,

Score: Costa Rica 1 Scotland 0

Scorers : Cayasso (49)


16th June 1990

Sweden v Scotland, World Cup Group Match

Stadio Luigi Ferraris, Genoa, Italy


Maurice Malpas, Craig Levein, Jim Leighton, Dave McPherson,

Stuart McCall, Roy Aitken, Gordon Durie, Murdo MacLeod, Mo Johnston, Robert Fleck

Score; Sweden 1 Scotland 2

Scorers; Sweden – Stromberg (85), Scotland – McCall (8), Johnston (81 pen.)

15th June 1992

Scotland v Germany, European Championships, Group Match

Norrkopings Idrottspark, Norrkoping, Sweden


Line Up: Maurice Malpas, Dave McPherson, Stewart McKimmie, Stuart McCall, Richard Gough

Ally McCoist, Brian McClair, Gary McAllister, Gordon Durie, Paul McStay and Andy Goram.

Score: Scotland 0 Germany 2

Scorers: Riedle (28), Effenberg (46)

21st May, 1995

Japan v Scotland, Kirin Cup

Big Arch Stadium, Hiroshima, Japan

Scotland 1995.05.21.Hiroshima,Japan.IFM-Japan v Scotland 0-0 No1

Line Up: Jim Leighton, Rob McKinnon, Billy McKinlay, Paul Lambert, Colin Calderwood, Craig Burley

Brian Martin, Scot Gemmill, John Spencer, Darren Jackson, Alan McLaren

Score: Japan 0 Scotland 0

29th May, 1996

Colombia v Scotland, International Friendly

Orange Bowl, Miami, USA


Line Up: Colin Hendry, Tom Boyd, Colin Calderwood, Ally McCoist, Andy Goram, Tosh McKinlay

John Collins, Gary McAllister, John Spencer, Stuart McCall and Stewart McKimmie

Score: Colombia 1 Scotland 0

Scorer: Asprilla (82)


15th June, 1996

England v Scotland, European Championships Finals, Group Match

Wembley, London, England

Scotland 1996 EC 2

Line Up: Tosh McKinlay, Gordon Durie, Colin Hendry, Stuart McCall, Andy Goram, Colin Calderwood

John Collins, Stewart McKimmie, Gary McAllister, Tom Boyd and John Spencer.

Score: England 2 Scotland 0

Scorers: Shearer (53), Gascoigne (79).

11th February 1997

Estonia v Scotland, World Cup Qualifier

Stade Louis II, Monaco, France

d2909467538884987deebe57f677ec17 (2)

Line Up: Duncan Ferguson, Colin Calderwod, Tom Boyd, Colin Hendry, Andy Goram

John McGinlay, Paul McStay, Kevin Gallacher, Gary McAllister, John Collins and Jackie McNamara.

Score: Estonia 0 Scotland 0


2nd April, 1997

Scotland v Austria, World Cup Qualifier

Celtic Park, Glasgow


Line Up: Colin Calderwood, Colin Hendry, Jim Leighton, Craig Burley, Tosh McKinlay, Darren Jackson

Paul Lambert, Tom Boyd, Gary McAllister, Kevin Gallacher and John Collins

Score: Scotland 2 Austria 0

Scorer: Gallacher (24,77)


30th April, 1997

Sweden v Scotland, World Cup Qualifier

Ullevi Stadion, Gothenburg

Scotland 1997.04.30.Gothenburg,Sweden.WCQ-Sweden v Scotland 2-1 No1

Line Up: Tosh McKinlay, Colin Calderwood, Craig Burley, Jim Leighton, Colin Hendry

Darren Jackson, John Collins, Kevin Gallacher, Gary McAllister, Tom Boyd and Craig Burley

Score : Sweden 2 Scotland 1

Scorers : Sweden – K. Andersson  (43, 63), Scotland – Gallacher (83)

12th November, 1997

France v Scotland, International Friendly

Stade Geoffrey Guichard, Saint-Etienne


Line Up: Neil Sullivan, David Weir, Billy McKinlay, Craig Burley, Gordon Durie, Christian Dailly

John Collins, Gary McAllister, Tom Boyd, Kevin Gallacher, Colin Calderwood

Score: France 2 Scotland 1

Scorers: France – Laigle (35), Djorkaeff (78) Scotland – Durie (36)

18th May, 1998

Republic Of Ireland Under 21’s v Scotland Under 21’s,  Triangular Tournament

Finn Park, Ballybofey, Ireland


Lee McCulloch (Motherwell), Gavin Strachan (Coventry City), Russell Anderson (Aberdeen), Alan Archibald (Partick Thistle), Jim Lauchlan (Kilmarnock), Neil Alexander (Stenhousemuir)

Craig Dargo (Raith Rovers), Craig McEwan (Raith Rovers), Craig Easton (Dundee United), Barry Ferguson (Rangers), Stuart Campbell (Raith Rovers)

Score: Republic of Ireland 3 v Scotland 0

Scorers: Connolly (12), Hawkins (?), A.N. Other

10th June 1998

Brazil v Scotland, World Cup Finals

Stade De France, Saint-Denis, France



Line Up: Christian Dailly, Colin Calderwood, Jim Leighton, Craig Burley, Gordon Durie

Darren Jackson, Kevin Gallacher, John Collins, Tom Boyd and Paul Lambert.

Score: Brazil 2 Scotland 1

Scorers : Brazil – Cesar Sampaio (4), Tom Boyd (73 o.g.) Scotland – Collins (38 pen)

16th June, 1998

Scotland v Norway, World Cup Finals

Parc Lescure, Bordeaux

Line Up: Craig Burley, Colin Calderwood, Gordon Durie, Christian Dailly, Jim Leighton, Colin Hendry

Darren Jackson, Craig Burley, Tom Boyd, John Collins and Paul Lambert

Score: Scotland 1 Norway 1

Scorers: Scotland – Burley (66) Norway – H.Flo (46)


28th April, 1999

Germany v Scotland, Friendly

Weser Stadion, Bremen, Germany


Line Up: Allan Johnston, Iain Durrant, David Weir, Don Hutchison, Neil Sullivan, Colin Hendry

Billy Dodds, Callum Davidson, Paul Lambert, Tom Boyd and Scot Gemmill

Score: Germany 0 Scotland 1

Scorer: Hutchison (65)

7th October, 2000

San Marino v Scotland, World Cup Qualifier

Stadio Olimpico, Serraville


Line Up: Gary Naysmith, Matt Elliott, Neil Sullivan, Colin Hendry, Christian Dailly

Colin Cameron, Neil McCann, Don Hutchison, Kevin Gallacher, Jackie McNamara and Billy Dodds


11th October, 2000

Croatia v Scotland

Maksimir Stadion, Zagreb


Line Up: Tom Boyd, Colin Hendry, Neil Sullivan, David Weir, Matt Elliott, Craig Burley

Colin Cameron, Don Hutchison, Gary Naysmith, Kevin Gallacher and Allan Johnston

Score : Croatia 1 Scotland 1

Scorers : Croatia – Boksic (15), Scotland – Gallacher (24)

5th September, 2001

Belgium v Scotland, World Cup Qualifier

Stade Roi Badouion, Brussels, Belgium


Line Up: Christian Dailly, David Weir, Tom Boyd, Neil Sullivan, Craig Burley, Dominic Matteo

Don Hutchison, Paul Lambert, Matt Elliott, Gary Naysmith and Billy Dodds.

Score: Belgium 2 Scotland 0

Scorers: Kerckhoven (20), Goor (90+2)

21st August, 2002

Scotland v Denmark, International Friendly

Hampden Park


Line Up: Robbie Stockdale, Christian Dailly, David Weir, Kevin Kyle, Rab Douglas, Steven Thompson

Barry Ferguson, Gary Naysmith, Kevin McNaughton, Paul Lambert and Maurice Ross

Score : Scotland 0 Denmark 0

Scorer: Sand (8)

12th October, 2002

Iceland v Scotland, Euro Qualifier

Laugardalsvollur, Reykjavik 


Line Up: Steven Thompson, Rab Douglas, Christain Dailly, Steven Pressley, Stevie Crawford, Lee Wilkie

Paul Lambert, Maurice Ross, Barry Ferguson, Gary Naysmith and Jackie McNamara

Score: Iceland 0 Scotland 2

Scorers: Daily (6), Naysmith (63)


12th February 2003

Scotland v Republic of Ireland, International Friendly

Hampden Park, Glasgow


Line Up: Russell Anderson, Steven Crawford, Gary Naysmith, Christian Dailly,  Steven Caldwell, Neil Sullivan, Don Hutchison

Graham Alexander, Barry Ferguson, Neil McCann and Paul Lambert.

Score: Scotland 0 Republic of Ireland 2

Scorers: Kilbane (7), Morrison (16)

15th November, 2003

Scotland v Netherlands

Hampden Park, Glasgow


Line Up: Darren Fletcher, Rab Douglas, Lee Wilkie, Steven Pressley, Gary Naysmith

James McFadden, Jackie McNamara, Paul Dickov, Barry Ferguson, Christian Dailly and Neil McCann

Score: Scotland 1 Netherlands 0

Scorer: James McFadden (22).


13th May, 2006

Japan v Scotland, Kirin Cup

Saitama Stadium 2002, Saitama, Japan


Line Up: Gary Teale, Gary Caldwell, David Weir, Scott Severin. Neil Alexander, Darren Fletcher

Lee McCulloch, James McFadden, Gary Naysmith, Graeme Murty and Russell Anderson

Score: Japan 0 Scotland 0

22nd August, 2007

Scotland v South Africa, International Friendly

Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen


Line Up: Craig Gordon, Gary Caldwell, Garry O’Connor, Jay McEveley, Russel Anderson, Stephen McManus                                                                           Alan Hutton, James McFadden, Kenny Miller, Darren Fletcher, and Scott Brown

Score: Scotland 1 South Africa 0

Scorer: Boyd (71)

9th September, 2009

Scotland v Netherlands, World Cup Qualifier

Hampden Park, Glasgow


Line up: Steven Whittaker, David Marshall, Alan Hutton, David Weir, Stephen McManus, Darren Fletcher

Shaun Maloney, Kenny Miller, Steven Naismith, Paul Hartley and Scott Brown

Score: Scotland 0 Netherlands 1

Scorer: Elia (82)

10th October, 2009

Japan v Scotland, Friendly

Nissan Stadium, Yokohama, Japan


Line Up: Craig Gordon, Gary Caldwell, Lee Miller, Christophe Berra, Craig Conway, Lee Wallace

Graham Dorrans, Charlie Adam, Stephen McManus, Steven Whittaker and Ross Wallace

Score: Japan 2 Scotland 0

Scorers: Berra (o.g. – 82), Honda (90+1)

27th March, 2011

Brazil v Scotland, International Friendly

Emirates Stadium, London


Line Up: James Morrison, Gary Caldwell, Stephen Crainey, Alan Hutton, Christophe Berra and Alan McGregor

Scott Brown, Kenny Miller, Charlie Adam, James McArthur and Steven Whittaker.

Score: Brazil 2 Scotland 0

Scorers: Neymar (43,77)


25th May, 2011

Wales v Scotland, Carling Nations Cup

Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland


Gary Caldwell, Christophe Berra, Allan McGregor, James Morrison, Stephen Crainey,

Charlie Adam, Scott Brown, Steven Naismith, Kenny Miller, Steven Whittaker and Ross McCormack

Score: Wales 1 Scotland 3

Scorers: Wales – Earnshaw (36), Scotland – Morrison (56), Miller (65), Berra (71)

11th November, 2011

Cyprus v Scotland, Friendly

Stadio Antonis Papadopoulos, Larnaca, Cyrpus


Squad Photo;

Gary Mackenzie, Matt Gilks, Allan MacGregor, Craig Samson, Christophe Berra, Steven Whittaker

Grant Hanley, Stephen Crainey, James Morrison, Darren Fletcher, Gary Caldwell, Barry Robson, James Mackie

Jordan Rhodes, Ryan Stevenson, David Goodwillie, Craig Conway, James MacArthur, Don Cowie and Kenny Miller

Score: Cyprus 1 Scotland 2

Scorers: Cyprus – Christofi (59), Scotland – Miller (24), Mackie (56)

29th February, 2012

Slovenia v Scotland

Stadion Bonifika, Koper


Line Up: James Mackie, Allan McGregor, Gary Caldwell, Christophe Berra, Charlie Mulgrew, Russell Martin

Charlie Adam, James Morrison, James McArthur, James Forrest and Craig Mackail-Smith

Score : Slovenia 1 Scotland 1

Scorers : Slovenia – Kirm (33), Scotland – Berra (40)


8th September, 2012

Scotland v Serbia, World Cup Qualifier

Hampden Park, Glasgow


Line Up: Allan McGregor, Alan Hutton, Gary Caldwell, Andy Webster, Christophe Berra, Robert Snodgrass                                                                       Kenny Miller, Paul Dixon, James Morrison, Steven Naismith, Charlie Adam

Score: Scotland 0 Serbia 0

14th November, 2012

Luxembourg v Scotland, International Friendly

Stade Joey Barthel, Luxembourg


Line Up: Jordan Rhodes, Grant Hanley. Charlie Mulgrew, Christophe Berra, Matt Gilks, Darren Fletcher

Kenny Miller, Andrew Shinnie, Paul Dixon, Steven Naismith and Steven Whittaker

Score: Luxembourg 1 Scotland 2

Scorers: Luxembourg – Gerson (47), Scotland – Rhodes (11, 23)

6th September, 2013

Scotland v Belgium, World Cup Qualifier

Hampden park, Glasgow


Line Up: Charlie Mulgrew, Alan Hutton, Grant Hanley, Russell Martin, James Forrest, David Marshall

Leigh Griffiths, Scott Brown, Steven Whittaker, Robert Snodgrass and Shaun Maloney

Score: Scotland 0 Belgium 0

Scorers: Defour (38), Marallas (89)


15th November, 2013

Scotland v USA, International Friendly

Hampden Park, Glasgow


David Marshall, Alan Hutton, Grant Haney, Charlie Mulgrew, Gordon Greer, Steven Fletcher,

Robert Snodgrass, Barry Bannan, Scott Brown, Steven Whittaker, Craig Conway

Score: Scotland 0 USA 0

26th March, 2014

Serbia v Scotland, World Cup Qualifier

Stadion Karadjordje, Novi Sad, Serbia


Line Up: Gary Caldwell, Grant Hanley, Alan Hutton, David Marshall, George Boyd, Steven Whittaker

Shaun Maloney, James MacArthur, Steven Naismith, Liam Bridcutt, Jordan Rhodes

Score: Serbia 2 Scotland 0

Scorers: Djuricic (60,65)

14th November, 2014

Scotland v Republic of Ireland, European Championship Qualifier

Celtic Park, Glasgow


Line Up: David Marshall, Grant Hanley, Charlie Mulgrew, Russell Martin, Steven Whittaker, Steven Fletcher,

Steven Naismith, Scott Brown, Andrew Robertson, Ikechi Anya and Shaun Maloney.

Score: Scotland 1 Republic Of Ireland 0

Scorer: Maloney (75)


18th November, 2014

Scotland v England, International Friendly

Celtic Park, Glasgow


Line Up: David Marshall, Grant Hanley, Chris Martin, Russell Martin, Charlie Mulgrew, Shaun Maloney

Steven Naismith, Scott Brown, Andrew Robertson, Steven Whittaker, Ikechi Anya

Score: Scotland 1 England 3

Scorers: Scotland – Robertson (83), England – Oxlade-Chamberlain (32), Ronney (47, 85)


24th March, 2016

Czech Republic v Scotland, International Friendly

Stadion Letna, Prague, Czech Republic


Line Up: Alan McGregor, Alan Hutton, Russell Martin, Charlie Mulgrew, Christophe Berra, Robert Snodgrass,

Darren Fletcher, Andrew Robertson, Kenny McLean, Ikechi Anya and Ross McCormack

Score: Czech Republic 0 Scotland 1

Scorer:  Anya (10)

29th March, 2016

Scotland v Denmark, International Friendly

Hampden Park. Glasgow


Line Up: Craig Gordon, Steven Whittaker, Gordon Greer, Grant Hanley, Steven Fletcher, Leigh Griffiths

Matt Ritchie, Kieran Tierney, Shaun Maloney, Scott Brown, John McGinn.

Score: Scotland 1 Denmark 0

Scorer: Ritchie (8)


29th May, 2016

Italy v Scotland, International Friendly

Stadium Nazzjonali, Ta’Qali, Malta


Line Up: Callum Paterson, Charlie Mulgrew, David Marshall, Russell Martin, Matt Phillips, Grant Hanley

Matt Ritchie, Ikechi Anya, Darren Fletcher, James McArthur and Ross McCormack

Score: Italy 1 Scotland 0

Scorer: Pelle (57)


4th September, 2016

Malta v Scotland, World Cup Qualifier

Stadium Nazzjonali, Ta’Qali


Line Up: David Marshall, Oliver Burke, Callum Paterson, Robert Snodgrass, Russell Martin, Grant Hanley

Chris Martin, Matt Ritchie, Barry Bannan, Darren Fletcher and Andrew Robertson

Score: Malta 1 Scotland 5

Scorers : Malta – Effiong (14), Scotland – Snodgrass (10, 61, 85), Chris Martin (53), S. Fletcher (78)