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On Friday 4th May 1984 former Scotland player and manager Willie Ormond sadly passed away aged just 57. Willie took over as manager in 1973 after Tommy Docherty left in the huff. He took us to the Finals in the then West Germany, where we once again failed to get beyond the first round, but we did have the distinction of being the only unbeaten team in the whole of the tournament.

Whenever I hear or read anything about oor Willie though, I don’t think about his playing or managing achievements, I always remember a midweek game at Hampden, don’t remember the game but it may well have been a qualifier for the 74 world cup. We were winning the game and the fans were showing their appreciation for the manager, chanting and clapping, “Willie Ormond”, clap clap, clap clap clap…over and over. The guy next to me says to his mate, “Whit you singin?”

The mate says, “Willie Scotland.”

“Willie Scotland? Whit ye oan aboot ya big diddy, it’s Willie Ormond, the manager. ”

“Oh right, ” says the big diddy, “I thought it was a bit ay a daft chant.”

It’s funny the things that stick in yer memory, but I’ve always said that for me the actual game is only a small part of being a fan. I love all aspects of it. Daft chants included. So here’s to Willie Scotland.

Alan Nelson

First posted on Facebook May 4th, 2015