So we’re only a week away from the game against the Mighty Qatar; are you all excited? Well, I know, not exactly. Unfortunately Scotland Epistles. Bullshit & Thistles sellers won’t be there in numbers either. It’s my wife’s birthday and although a trip to Edinburgh would be nice. “ Come on Nan, we’ll see the Castle, walk the Royal Mile, take in a nice meal and have a few wee drinks . . . and then sell the Epistles outside of Easter Road, take in a football game and then sell some more after.” Nah, just can’t see that one working.

Anyway, so I won’t be there. I will be in Bute seeing the Castle, walking the High Street, having a bag of chips and getting pie eyed to celebrate the wife’s birthday and if she’s lucky they’ll be something more amorous later on.
As for Mr. Nelson, he doesn’t do friendlies. He doesn’t seem to do Sales either. Alan have you no friends or relatives to flog the magazine to? So who does that leave for next Friday?
Yep, the head of the unholy trinity Robert Marshall, as you can see from the photo below he takes his selling quite seriously.


So next Friday please keep an eye out for a sad anorak shouting “ the Scotland Epistles” and if you haven’t already bought one, please do and if you have, get yer mate to buy one.
Robert, Alan and I really enjoy this mad wee adventure we’re on and have put in a lot time and effort to produce two magazines and almost daily input to the Facebook page of late. We have committed ourselves to two more magazines but would love to see it go beyond issue four and also to see the pages go back up to 48. I know you might be thinking with the Facebook page, why buy the cow when you’re getting the milk for free? That might be true but please help us in this endeavour so we can grow and keep producing little snippets on Scotland for you to enjoy.
In a couple of days the listing for the mags on ebay will lapse and will be relisted. Alan will post a link to the new listings but please have a look and consider the mags if you haven’t already bought one. Other than that keep spreading the word and sharing the Facebook articles and photos.
And if you see Robert next Friday, even if you’re not buying let Robert know you enjoy the Facebook page.

David Stuart

First posted on Facebook May 30th, 2015