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I see that UEFA have just announced the ticket prices for the 2016 Euro Finals in France. As you might expect, the opening game will be an expensive one with prices ranging from £54 to £428 – if I’ve done my conversion rate properly. For all other group stage games the prices are £18, £40, £76 and £104. If you want to go to the actual final then the price range is £61 to a whopping £644.

Looking back, my tickets for the group stage matches at the Spain 1982World Cup Finals cost only 300 pesetas each – about £1.60! At Euro 96 my ticket for the Holte End at Villa Park to see Scotland v. The Netherlands cost me £35 and when I gatecrashed Euro 2000, tickets for group matches in Brugge and Amsterdam cost me 50 Euros each.My dearest ticket proved to be that for the opening match of the 1998 World Cup Finals in France. It cost me 850 French Francs [about £85] to see Brazil rob Scotland. As for next year, well when you’ve been starved for 18 years I’m not sure ticket prices matter that much especially when there are golf clubs and 1970s medallions to be pawned!

Robert Marshall

First posted on Facebook May 13th, 2015