On Saturday I received my tickets for the Scotland -Qatar match on 5th June and I was intrigued to note that they are headed – albeit in very small print -‘Qatar Airways Cup’. So that story about the semi-final ticket mix up was close to the truth after all. We’re through to the final and there is a trophy up for grabs. I hope the prize is like one of those monster-sized golf trophies that is almost the same height as our manager.


Excitingly isn’t it? I wonder who the SFA have arranged to present the cup. The Queen – Elizabeth or Nicola? Sepp Blatter? The Proclaimers? or even Jenners’ answer to Mrs Slocombe?

Hold on a minute though, the game is at Easter Road which is not a venue normally associated with Cup success although I suppose we should be grateful that Craig Levein is not still in charge as what’s the betting he’d try to resurrect the Scotland maroon jersey just for the occasion.OK, no more cheap Auld Reekie jibes- this Weegie is looking forward to an evening of cultured football in our capital city – and then bringing the cup back west.


Robert Marshall

First posted on Facebook on May 25th, 2015