When UEFA’s Euro Championship Finals ticket application window opened earlier this month I just couldn’t help myself. As a graduate [with honours] from the Ally MacLeod School of Unbridled Optimism I applied for tickets for the actual final in Paris on 10th July 2016.

I know it’s a bit of a longshot [so I applied for the ‘cheap’ seats at 85 Euros a go] but I can’t help but wonder how many Greece fans wished they had given it a go in advance of the 2004 Finals. You’ve got to feel for Greece though haven’t you what with their economy in serious trouble and their national football team getting stuffed by the Faroe Islands. [Yes, we can laugh now…..].

Anyway I know it’s unlikely [a] my name will come out of the hat; and [b] that Scotland will reach the Final [We’ll probably lose out to Wales on penalties in the semi-finals] but you’ve got to hope/dream haven’t you?

If truth be told, over the years I’ve actually been rather unlucky with many of my ticket applications. For various reasons [that I won’t go into] I applied for tickets for Neil Diamond, Take That, The Singing Kettle and Olympic football at Hampden …….and I ended up getting them all!

Robert Marshall

First posted on Facebook June 20th June, 2015