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Don’t ye just love gettin yer Scotland tickets? I used to love queuing up for them, especially overnight for the really big games, and getting my hands on them and reading every word printed on them (see issue 1 of the fanzine for the full story). Now the process of buying them isn’t quite as much fun. You don’t get the chance to meet like minded supporters and swap tales. There isn’t that party atmosphere for the first hour followed by hours of boredom while you wait for the ticket office to open, then the rush of excitement again as the queue starts moving. Now it’s just clicking a wee button and typing in numbers. But when that envelope hits the doormat a few days later I just can’t wait to rip it open and read every word on the tickets, even though I know exactly what it’s going to say. It’s just like being twelve again. The fitbaw keeps us young at heart (and also ages us prematurely at the same time). Roll on September.

Alan Nelson

First posted on Facebook July 2nd, 2015