It is perhaps fitting that on the day that Warner / Chappell lost their case about copyright over the song Happy Birthday, I find myself with too many players having birthdays over a few days and no time to write or more importantly research stuff for an article. So instead, here’s a quick salute and jot around a few of the players with birthdays in the next few days. Missed some yesterday including one of my all-time favourites big Tommy Hutchison; big Tommy was 68 yesterday (22nd). Tommy gained 17 caps and scored one goal, most of his caps were around the time of the ’74 World Cup. When you think of it 26th September, 1973 must have been one of the most important dates in Scottish football history and Willie Ormond took the brave step of handing out debuts to Tommy and George Connelly and was rewarded with the victory over Czechoslovakia that took us to Munich ’74.
Also yesterday was James Mackie’s 30th birthday. Okay not the greatest of Scotland players but an earnest hard working player and the scorer of a very fine goal against Cyprus. I remember in season 2010-11, he had started the season excellently; scoring 8 Championship goals in 7 games and then Craig Levin told Dorking born Mackie he was a Scot and he never scored for another 13 games. Typical Scottish forward. Funny enough like Tommy Hutchison, Jamie made his debut against the Czech Republic unfortunately for Jamie the match was more infamous than famous; being that most negative game a Scotland team ever played (Feckin’ Craig Levein and his over the halfway line ye shall not pass tactics- Fanny baws indeed).
Jim McCalliog – Greatest Debut ever scoring in the 1967 3-2 victory over England at Wembley, then four more games and did zip. Happy 69th Birthday Jim on the 23rd
. Also on the 23rd is David Gibson who played seven games in the years ‘63 and ‘64 as a Leicester City player, Dave managed two goals; one of which came in a 6-2 friendly mauling of Spain in Madrid in 1963. Happy 77th Birthday David.
Kenny Burns, yep him of the long blonde hair and fierce temper is also having a birthday on the 23rd. Kenny, we can forgive the hair but not the performances in Argentina but then again big Gordon McQueen was supposed to be there instead and could’ve, would’ve, should’ve made a difference. Happy 62nd birthday. Crikey surely no one else on the 23rd. Well there’s the guy that you wonder, do people still chant down the street “Davie Dodds is Elephant Man” at him. Happy 57th Birthday David. 2 caps 1 goal. Nuff said.
And then there’s tomorrow (24th) but I’m starting to get bored though. So quickly, Happy 69th Birthday John O’Hare, a big lumbering centre forward beloved by Brain Clough who took him with him to three clubs. John’s 13 caps and 5 goals is worth an article of its own but not today. Who knows how many more he might have scored if he’d been allowed by his club to go to Brazil for the mini-World Cup in ’72 and not dumped by the Doc due to this. Ally McCoist, what more can I say? 61 games and 19 goals. The boy did well but just couldn’t get to that 20 barrier. Happy 53rd birthday Super Ally!
Next up is Murdo MacLeod. Murdo won 20 caps for Scotland, scoring one goal but is mostly remembered for being knocked out by Brazilian Branco in the 1990 World Cup. Partick Thistle fans will also claim he was also brain dead for the few years he was in charge down Firhill Road way. Happy 57th Birthday Murdo. Finally Craig Burley – scored a great goal against Norway in the World Cup ; then dyed his hair blonde as superstars did then and was a complete twat against Morocco; not only anonymous for most of the game but also manged to get himself sent off. And now he gets to pontificate on every Scotland game and player as a TV pundit. Happy 44th birthday Fanny Baws anaw.

David Stuart

First posted on Facebook September 24th, 2015