Wales 1 Scotland 3; 23 October 1948.

It’s funny I had this article all written out and in fact sent it on to Alan to post it on Facebook and then I discovered the real story. At first I was going to make it all about the third goal which is well worth watching but it’s the first goal that’s where the story is. The commentator rightly gives it to Lawrie Reilly, however all historical records give it to Hugh Howie also of Hibs, who was making his only Scotland appearance. I have checked the Glasgow Herald at the time and it gives the first goal to Reilly. Unfortunately my copy of Lawrie’s book is on my kindle which is not working so I don’t know what he said of it. I know it might not be all that important given it was over fifty years ago but to me Lawrie deserves the credit for this goal. Lawrie played a total of 38 times for his country and scored 22 goals; I believe that total should be looked at and Lawrie should be given his 23rd goal.
As for the game, the commentator says it’s a fairly inexperienced Scotland side although that statement is tempered by the fact it’s only a few years after the war. Six of the team are making their debuts.
As well as Reilly and Hugh Howie, Bobby Evans of Celtic and the distinct red hair made the first of his 48 Scotland appearances; Bobby would be captain of the team on 12 occasions. Willie Redpath of Motherwell also started that day and would gain nine caps in total.
Jimmy Mason who would be the last Third Lanark player to play for Scotland and indeed had a good scoring record with four goals in his only seven games.
Finally, John Kelly, who is the only Barnsley player ever to play for Scotland would win the first of his two caps that day also.
Reilly or Howie opens up the scoring, then Willie Waddell of Rangers adds a second before Jones of Wales pulls one back. Scotland’s third and undoubtedly best goal comes in 30th minute from Waddell and is well worth repeated looks too.

David Stuart

First posted on Facebook September 27th, 2015