If you ever seek out any of these books this is probably the best; that I’ve seen anyway and certainly from a Scotland point of view. Not only is there a review of the World Cup with pictures from Munich ’74. There’s also pictures and a match report of the stuffing of England that year at Hampden and the there’s also pictures of the win against Czechoslovakia that put us on the road to Germany. The only complaint is there’s no colour except for the front cover which is a pity since some of the images would have look great in colour.

However, in his review of the World Cup perhaps we see the birth of what was to come in 1978 as Hugh Taylor writes “The truth is that Scotland might well have gone to the final – though to be honest. I don’t think we had just enough skill, sophistication or enough class players to have won the World Cup.”


As I said there’s a good mixture of pictures including Joe Jordan’s goal against Zaire; a blow by blow pictorial account of Bremner’s miss against Brazil, Yugoslavia’s against us; followed by Joe Jordan’s equalising goal.


Of the England game, the lead up to both goals is shown as well and finally plenty of celebrating at Hampden against the Czech’s.

One other thing of note is perhaps the first real glimpse of the Tartan army outside of London and to many perhaps the birthplace of it all in Germany.


David Stuart