Monty Gum was company from Netherlands that produced cards throughout the seventies and eighties; not just football cards but there was also Kojak, Starsky & Hutch and Elvis among their sets. Generally their cards were very cheaply made with the back being made of the type of cardboard from a Corn Flake packet of the time. Some of the sets did have an accompanying album but I have never seen any.

I have slagged off Monty Gum cards in the past and in particular their Euro ’88 set with Graeme Hogg among the Scottish cards when he never played for the full team as well as Arthur Albiston being listed as Albistan.

However, 1978 World Cup sets is actually quite good. The cards themselves although flimsy are generally good photos and there is also a team card. The Scotland players in the set are as follows; Dalglish, Donachie, Forsyth, Hartford, Jardine, Johnston, Jordan, Macari, Mason (think they mean Masson), McQueen, Parlane (?) and Rough.


Parlane, is of course the only one that didn’t get to Argentina, so for a Monty Gum set that’s not too bad. As for the World Cup ’82 set which I haven’t seen but as far as I know the same cards were used but only smaller in size!

I only a few of these and I am on the lookout for more, so if you have a bunch let me know. These cards like others are on display in the Cards & Sticker section of the website.

David Stuart