So there I was last night wondering how many beer mats were in the 1974 set and lo and behold David Murphy a follower on our Facebook page gave the answer. There were 23 in the 74 set. The 22 players in the squad and manager Willie Ormond and to make it complete he sent a photo.


Tennents 1974 scotland World Cup Beermats Set;

Danny McGrain
David Hay
Donald Ford
Eric Schaedler
Denis Law
Billy Bremner
Thomson Allan
Peter Cormack
Sandy Jardine
Jim Stewart
John Blackley
Tommy Hutchison
Kenny Dalglish
Willie Ormond manager
Jim Holton
Gordon McQueen
Willie Morgan
Willie Donachie
Peter Lorimer
Joe Jordan
David Harvey
Jimmy Johnstone

Thank you David Murphy.

David Stuart