I’ll keep it short and sweet. I liked him.I considered him to be a great football man who also happened to be an English patriot. I also much preferred his punditry to that of the likes of Alan Hansen or Gordon Strachan.

In Issue 3 of Scotland Epistles [August 2015] an article by Alan Nelson entitled ‘The Auld Enemy’ questions our often petty attitude towards our next door neighbours and our denigration of James William Thomas Hill which I think hits the nail on the head so to speak and so here’s a short extract –
”I find it frankly bizarre that durin his lifetime and even still so many years since he was last seen or heard on the telly, Jimmy Hill is still havin his sexuality called into question. He’s continuously lambasted for supportin his country with the same passion that we are famous for and celebratin them winnin the ultimate international prize. He even has the cheek to wear a bow tie with wee St George’s crosses on it, and meanwhile the guy lambastin him is wearin a Scotland top, kilt, pipe major’s jaiket, Glengarry hat and spoutin on about how we were ‘Unofficial’ world champions for the day because we beat England 3-2 at Wembley a year after they had become ‘Official’ world champions – and would be for a period of four years (the daft lambaster). I think Jimmy Hill’s okay.”

Jimmy Hill was much more than okay – he was ‘awrite’. R.I.P.

Robert Marshall