So I hope you all had a great Christmas. Me, I was working but it was okay so don’t feel too sorry for me. As for presents, well the wife does have a hard job buying for me as I never really seem to want anything or so she claims but hey I’m not on here to complain.

I don’t tend to want football tops as I generally don’t wear them; so at least I was spared the hideous home top and I am even more thankful for notgetting the pink away one. So she was going to have to settle on buying me a couple of books, which if you don’t know what I’ve got and don’t know want I want can be a bit difficult and it’s even harder when there’s is no such thing as the Scotland Epistles, Bullshit & Thistles annual. So how did she score; surprisingly 2 for 2; sort of.

First choice was Scotland 74, A World Cup Story by Richard Gordon; which I do own but fortunately it’s on my kindle and not a glorious technicolour real book version with pictures and that is easier to reference. I will be adding a picture of the tem for the Yugoslavia game into the Team Photo section of the website soon. It’s a good book and well worth a read.

As for the second choice, she went for a broad football book World Football Records Seventh Edition; which does not feature too much on Scotland although we do have a two page section. It names our Top Scorers and Top Capped players but there’s small articles on Dalglish, Denis Law, Archie Gemmill, David Weir (Oldest player), the 1967 win at Wembley and Steven Fletcher’s first hat-trick against Gibraltar among other things.
Perhaps strangely just as appealing is the England pages; which has sections on their biggest wins, which rather surprisingly we don’t feature in. Thank God for those three goals in that 9-3 mauling all those years ago. However, in England’s biggest defeats we feature four times; 1878 (7-2), 1881 (1-6), 1928 (1-5) and 1882 (5-1). Okay it might all be history but hey we can dream again come next season.
As for me I’m going to get smart next year and have an article on what I want for Christmas in November, mind you Nan starts shopping in January so maybe I should post it sooner.

Anyway, Thanks again Nan xxx.

David Stuart