Yep, here it is in glorious colour an issue of Look-In magazine from June 1978 with Kenny Dalglish in glorious colour in the front. Inside there’s more not only colour pictures of Big Roughy, Willie Johnston and Gordon McQueen but others there’s also the chance to meet Scottish Superstar Dalglish. All you had to do was identify six Scottish goalscorers from the past. I will post them later and give you the chance to identify them only without the letter clues.

There’s also an On The Ball section where Brian Moore assesses Scotland’s strengths with players like Souness, Gemmill, Dalglish mentioned. As if that’s not enough Scottish gems in the Young Cooks Club Dalglish and Asa Hartford are asked about their pre-match meals for Kenny it’s tea and toast three hours before the match with Asa not really revealing his choice of foodstuffs. Oh well.

As if that’s not enough, there’s features on The Incredible Hulk TV show and the French band Sheila B. Devotion as well as cartoon strips featuring Benny Hill, Logan’s Run, The Man From Atlantis, Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar man and to top it all an advert for a Texan Bar. (“Now hold on there, Bald Eagle”) Ah, perfect what’s not to love.


David Stuart