SCOTLAND EPISTLES # 4 NOW ON SALE Finally issue 4 is out and available to buy on eBay. As usual it’s full of articles and stories surrounding our love for the National team. Robert Marshall looks at Heroes and Villains which has nothing to do with the Beach Boys but more Scotland players and those special moments we have loved or loathed them for. Robert also delves into the myriad of books that have been written about Scotland; rating his top 8 (obviously the metric system has passed the man by). Alan Nelson gives his usual views on supporting; whether it be the tale of the long suffering wife or the whole travelling planning. Scott Cockburn looks back at Scotland’ s Under -21’s of 1997, the so called Golden Generation. Easton Thain writes of past Scotland and England games with a view to next seasons World Cup Qualifiers. On the International front, Scott Kelly gives us the lowdown on INTA or the International Tartan Army to you and me and indeed continuing on this theme; Italian Mauro Bonvicini and his adventures with the TA in Slovenia 2005 are given a page or two and if that’s not enough of an International flavour; Welshman Wayne Gough wades in with a Dragon-Hearted Epistle and viewing those World Qualifiers of ’78 and ’86 from a different angle. Finally some guy called David Stuart looks at Argentina ’78 and how Scotland peaked too soon (something his wife says he knows all about), then a statistical foray from Stein to Fletcher and all those times a player scored two but never reached the elusive hat-trick over the years and finally find out what was Andy’s B-plan. I’m sure you will enjoy it, so get on to Ebay, buy the mag and show us your support. As always though we ask can you like us on Facebook, Comment and Share the news that issue 4 is out and help keep the magazine and Facebook page going. For those who haven’t bought it before, we will be selling all four issues for £10 including postage for a limited period. Thank you