First posted on Facebook May 17th, 2016

Two years ago, as an early retirement gift, I received a small replica of the FIFA World Cup trophy. Of course, if I had been really popular with my ex-colleagues they would also have a arranged for an open-top bus procession from Cambuslang to Hampden Park that would enabled me to display my trophy to the cheering crowds or bemused shoppers. We’ll leave to the side the fact that my trophy is but a miniature version of the real thing. Anyway, as I’m still pissed with UEFA for not offering Scotland a wild card entry to the 2016 Euros I thought ‘feck it’ – I’ll ‘replicate’ the feats of West Germany , France and Spain by having [and displaying] TWO major international football trophies at the same time.

And how did I justify this acquisition of a mini Henri Delaunay trophy to myself? Well my first-ever Scotland match was a Euro Championship qualifier against Eusebio’s Portugal at Hampden Park in October 1971 and over the years I have spent a fair bit of time and money on Scotland’s, to date unsuccessful pursuit of the real version. So why not ‘reward’ myself with a memento of something that, over the years, has regularly eaten away at my cash as well as my soul. Of course, that goes for the World Cup as well.

Anyway it was cheaper than most of the wife’s shiny trinkets and again it is only about six inches tall, but size isn’t important – right, gentlemen? I was however, a bit disappointed that the trophy did not come with a Certificate of Authenticity. After blowing sixty quid on a metallic knick-knack surely I should be certified?

The important thing however is that Scotland now has no less than two international Holy Grails – or at least a delusional Scotland supporter from Cambuslang has two mini-replicas. Maybe this is where I finally draw the line with my football memorabilia collection – unless someone can tell me where I can get hold of a replica British Home Internationals Championship trophy, the Kirin Cup and the Rous Cup, as I [on Scotland’s behalf] go in search of football’s equivalent of Marvel Comics’ Five Infinity Gems! You know, maybe I should cut back on the afternoon drinking……

Robert Marshall

(As per Robert’s request Billy Mackie sent a couple of photos of his miniature Kirin Cup engraved with the results from 2006)