First posted on Facebook on June 24th, 2016
As a lover of international football I am managing to enjoy the Euro 2016 finals which ironically [but for obvious reasons] are also the most painful tournament finals I’ve ‘experienced’ during my lifetime. Even a visit to my local TESCO is painful as it hurts to see large flags of the 24 finalists hanging from the rafters whilst our [small] saltire is tucked away next to dairy or beef products.

As someone who clutches at straws for a hobby I sought solace in one of Scotland’s few European success stories [sort of] by visiting my local Lidl store -official supplier of the Scottish F.A. dontchaknow. There to greet me at the front entrance were cardboard cut-outs of Russell Martin, Ikechi Anya and Andrew Robertson. [There’s an Alan Hutton joke in there somewhere]. Anyway I wouldn’t mind adding the two-dimensional version of the three amigos to my Scotland memorabilia collection – probably a more acceptable cut-out than my Xena Warrior Princess collectible.

As an added bonus the Scottish Internationalists’ coupons were festooned up and down the aisles so whilst they missed out on Panini Sticker stardom surely they still get kudos for their images appearing next to the likes of adverts for cut-price garlic and courgettes!


Sigh – only ten weeks to our game against Malta…..

Robert Marshall