Another one from our Magazine Picture section. This I believe is Danny in action in his very first Scotland game against Wales at the Racecourse, Wrexham. This was Willie Ormond’s second game in charge and he had made sweeping changes following a 5-0 crushing defeat by England in his opener. Out went Bobby Clark, Alex Forsyth, Martin Buchan, Eddie Colquhoun and Lou Macari among others, to make way for five players making their debuts; Danny plus Peter McCloy, Derek Johnstone, Derek Parlane of Rangers and Manchester United’s Jim Holton.
Scotland won 2-0 thanks to goals from George Graham, who was also with Manchester United at the time.
Danny would go on to play for Scotland a total of 62 times and would surely have won more, had it not been for a major injury prior to the World Cup of 1978. He was of course, well remembered for his defensive full back pairing with Sandy Jardine, which only happened on 20 occasions.
One of the interesting things about the FitbaStats website is that you can look up any Scotland player and find out who their teamates were and on many occasions. For Danny, the top ten read as thus; Dalglish 53, Rough 32, Jordan 26, Jardine 20, Gemmill 19, Rioch 19, Hartford 17, Donachie 16, McQueen, 16 and McLeish 15.