First posted on Facebook, July 23rd, 2016

I mean, seriously where do I begin? Brian Mclair, our great Scots hope for the development of our future international and domestic stars quit his job as Performance Director just 13 months into his 4 year contract.


Not because he has been head hunted by a top European team or rival international association, not because he has been accused of nefarious practices or caught up in some scandal so has had to jump before he is pushed, but because, according to SFA (how did he ever get the job and how does he earn his salary ) chief executive Stewart Regan, ” …the complexities of the role cannot be over estimated. While his experience of developing talent over a sustained period of time at Manchester United was a major attribute, being Performance Director requires a different style of leadership and focus. As Performance Director he found himself spending more time lobbying and presenting in the boardroom. It became apparent that this was neither a comfortable or tenable situation in the long term. ”

So I need to ask you Stewart, what exactly was the remit for this post? What was the Person Specification on the application form? What was the exact Role Profile for the post? What was the focus of the Personal Interview? What questions did you ask of the successful candidate, other than – ” did you previously work with Sir Fergie? ”


“Right, yer in.”

Why didn’t you, or anyone who works with you, especially on the interview panel, realise that Brian Mclair’s skill set and experience wasn’t what was required for this post?

Why didn’t you, or anyone who works with you, realise that developing performance and talent, and lobbying and presenting in the boardroom is as diametrically opposed as chalk and ma maw’s clooty dumplin? Ya fanny.

What an utter waste of time and our money. Mclair admits that he is disappointed that in the 13 months he has been in post he has made no progress what so ever. Well geez wur money back then. He has been paid a fortune for a service that has not been delivered in any way shape or form – and I repeat – by his own admission.


What a dismal disappointment that is for us, the supporters, who keep paying our money (which obviously has been thrown away on a worthless scheme), our loyalty and our forlorn hope that we are improving our standards and our chances of qualifying for European or World finals.

I feel very angry at and let down by the people who are in charge of our game, the people who raise the prices of our match tickets while doing absolutely nothing to raise the standard of our game.

Again I repeat, in the past 13 months neither our Performance Director, at great expense to us, nor our football association have managed to take a single football booted step forward as far as developing our performance is concerned.

Shame on the lot of you. As Rabbie would have it, “Sic a parcel o’ rougues in a nation.”

Alan Nelson