Issue 5 of the Epistles mag came out a few weeks ago and is ticking over quite nicely however we still need to generate a lot more sales if we are to break even.
So what’s in it this time? A ot of stuff this time round.
From the pen of Robert Marshall we have a look at the British Championship, nicknames of Scotland players (w**ker isn’t a nickname) and a few rants and rambles. From myself there’s a feature on the Scots in the NASL, a statistical review of the 1970’s and a look at who has played the most World Cup minutes.
Easton Thain discusses his pathological hatred for the Lithuania national team and also recalls the 1970 Youth World Cup held in Scotland.
Kevin Donnelly tells a tale of Badges, Scott Kelly lists ten magical moments with the Tartan Army very few of which are about football. Scott Cockburn discusses the future for the National Stadium and finally there’s even an article written about the matches against the Auld Enemy written by all things; an Englishmen!
So what are you waiting for, get on ebay and get yer copy early next week, or better still get all five for £11 including postage.……