First posted on Facebook on August 31st 2016

In the long list of Scottish goalies, next to Frank Haffey he will go down as the worst due to one bad day at the office in 1975.
Stewart played five times for Scotland and was unbeaten in his first four games.
His first came cap in April 1975 in Gothenberg, Sweden as Scotland drew 1-1 in a friendly. Also, being capped for the first time that night were fellow Ranger Colin Jackson, Norwich City’s Ted MacDougall who would score Scotland’s goal and making his only appearance as a sub was Billy Hughes of Sunderland. Another friendly followed as Scotland beat Portugal 1-0 at Hampden in mid-May. The games came thick and fast as within a ten day spell Scotland also played Wales down at Ninian Park where they drew 2-2 and then beat Northern Ireland 3-0 at Hampden and finally then came Wembley.
Two goals down in seven minutes with Kennedy not looking too clever either of them, mind you neither did his defence. If you look at the video of it, Scotland had their chances and were perhaps unlucky but then again we did have Kennedy in goal. Goal three, he maybe should have gotten, four takes a deflection but still and then goal five he makes a save but after a rebound England score. Truth be told though, if you are ever brave enough to watch it again, England’s fifth goal has two players clearly offside and should have been disallowed. Anyhoo, even though he was dumpling that day I still wish Stewart all the best. Happy 67th Birthday Stewart.