First posted on Facebook on September 28th, 2016

Bobby will turn 73 today. Inside Forward Bobby Hope of West Brom is probably not a name synonymous with the Scotland team, although he featured in a few Scottish football card sets of the late 60’s. Bobby played over 350 games for West Brom and also went on to play for Birmingham City, Philadelphia Atoms and the Dallas Tornado and in between a stint at Sheffield Wednesday.

Bobby must surely have one of the shortest debut games in Scotland history having started a match. In May 1968, Bobby started against Netherlands in Amsterdam but was subbed after only 12 minutes, when Jimmy Smith, then of Aberdeen, playing his first game came on. The game finished nil nil. However, Bobby did get another game for Scotland. In October 1968, Bobby lined up against Denmark in Copenhagen in a match that saw debuts given to Jim Herriot, Tommy McLean and Colin Stein. Bobby Lennox scored the only goal of the night and that was the end of Bobby’s international career.
The photo is Bobby playing with Philadelphia Atom.

David Stuart