First posted on Facebook on October 8th, 2016

So first of all thank you to everyone that bought a copy of the magazine tonight. Our sales were not earth shattering but a steady push towards breaking even . . . maybe.
As we were leaving Robert Marshall said to me “David, you know you’re going to have to put something positive on the Facebook page and I just did, however the other thing Robert said to me was ” Does that mean we haven’t won at Hampden in our last three qualifiers?” The answer is of course, it’s true but dig deeper and it gets worse. In our last twelve qualifiers at Hampden which does go all the way back to the Craig Levein days and the game against the Spain we have won three; beating the mighty Gibraltar 6-1 last year, Croatia in 2-0 in 2013 and then back to the victory over Lithuania, 1-0 in 2011.
We have drawn five – Lithuania, Poland, FYR Macedonia, Serbia and the Czech Republic and lost to Germany, Belgium and Wales and Spain..
Oh well, maybe next time we should concentrate more on scoring the actual goals rather than what feckin’ song we are going to play!