I think it was the lack of a good football annual this year that made me plummet for a few oldies. Here’s one from 1987, the Scottish Football Today Annual #1, a mere snip at £4.95 which must be about a over a tenner now . . . and was it worth it?
Was it whit. The cover is about as good as it gets although Murdo MacLeod and Jim McInally look a wee bit effeminate in their attempts to rob some Brazilian guy of the ball in the Rous Cup defeat earlier in the year.
It does stick to a similar format to the old Scottish Football Book and looks at the Scottish League winners etc and it does touch on stuff about most of the bigger clubs and even has an article on Meadowbank Thistle but as for Scotland; it’s coverage is quite poor and there are no great action shots but mostly for £4.95 I would expect colour photo. Only the front cover has that which is disappointing as is the fact it’s a paperback. The Scottish Football Today magazine would come and go as quickly as it came and there would be one more annual as far as I know but I don’t think I’ll be in too much of a hurry to buy it.