What do you mean Euro Cards ’88? We never made it to West Germany that year , we were pumped and dumped by the Republic of Ireland, although for Gary Mackay it was a start of a lifetime supply of Guinness as he scored in Sofia to put the kibosh on Bulgaria reaching the finals.
             Like the cards that are already out for France 2016, Monty Gum of the Netherlands produced a set prior to qualifying had finished for 1988. Monty Gum produced quite a few cheap sets in the 70’s and 80’s (mind you still cheap to buy too). Quite often mispelt names, colour issues and most annoyingly plain cardboard backs. There was only a hundred in the set and we Scots were lucky as we had 12 cards altogether. The Irish had one team card and that was all.
           The Scotland cards were generally established players like Strachan , Miller, McStay, Archibald and Rough. However for some reason Man United player Graeme Hogg was in the set. Graeme is best known for being punched by Craig Levein after a training session with Hearts and not for his Scotland career. In fact, Graeme only achieved four caps for Scotland and they were all for the Under 23’s, his fellow club player Arthur Albiston is in the set too but is known as but is listed as Albistan.
Full Scottish players are: Team card, Hogg, Strachan, Albiston, Brazil, Miller, Nicol, Souness, McStay, Archibald, Cooper and Rough.
David Stuart