First published on Facebook on 25th April, 2015.
D.C. Thomson, producers of the Dandy and the Beano had quite a few comics on the go in the 60’s, one of them was the Hornet. In 1966, they gave away a set of twelve postcard size football cards. The set was called Top Cup Teams, all four nations were in the set, although I’m not sure which Cup they were prolific in, as well as Celtic, Rangers, Real Madrid, Liverpool etc,
           The Scotland one is quite interesting as the line-up is the same one that faced England on April 10th, 1965. The match ended up 2 all with Scotland goalscorers that day were St. John and Denis Law.I had listed details of the game on a front cover article last week. The line up is Willie McRae (coach), Alec Hamilton, Bill Brown, Pat Crerand, Billy McNeill, John Greig, Eddie McCreadie, Ian St.John, Willie Henderson, Bobby Collins, Billy Bremner, Denis Law and Davie Wilson.
                   It does ask the question when was the photo taken as this line up never played together again, so is it a training session the day before or maybe that morning? The other questions to ask is who designed the bloody horrible track suits and decided they had to be a sickly green?
David Stuart