First published on Facebook on April 27th, 2015
Here’s a postcard of the 1998 under 16 squad, which means by now most of them are in their mid thirties and should be established players. Wrong. Although some are familiar faces, the story of failure to reach their potential is familiar. There are some who made it to the full squad but only managed a handful of games. If you have read the second issue of the Scotland Epistles magazine, you will know that some players succumbed to the Curse of Berti Vogts and seemed to have careers plagued with injury, illness or just bad luck, in this team are Ian Murray, Brian Kerr. Maurice Ross all mentioned in the article. Stephen Crainey who’s had a decent career including twelve caps is also pictured.
                 Mark Brown continues to play, currently with Ross County as does Burton O’Brien with Livingston. I’m not sure about some of the others, but in among them is Stephen McConologue who by the time he came to Firhill was a few stone heavier but still had some great touches about him.
           The players are;
Back Row – Chris Doig, Ian Murray, Mark Brown, Gary Hamilton, Barry J Corr, Darren Goldie, Stephen Crainey.
Middle Row – Joe McAlpine, Steven McAdam, Paul McHale, Marc Coccozza, Ryan McCann, Billy Gibson
Since article was written Mark Brown left County for Dumbarton and Burton O’Brien has gone to Alloa
Front Row – Kevin MacDonald, Maurice Ross, Stephen McConologue, Brian Kerr, Burton O’Brien and Liam Keogh.
David Stuart