First published on Facebook 29th April, 2015
Its quite sad but some nights recently I have broken out in cold sweats thinking about what I can produce next for the Epistles page, even sadder I lie awake and night and wonder what Robert’s going to write about and will he steal my thunder. I mean seriously did we really need two articles on Willie (only six caps) Carr on the same day? And it wasn’t even his birthday.
Anyway I know Robert doesn’t have this, in fact he was surprised to know that Scotland wore a strip like this. This is another from Shoot magazine dated 30th June, 1973. This is of course a photo of Colin Stein and I assume it’s from the Home International game against Wales at the Racecourse, Wrexham. This would be Willie Ormond’s second game in charge, but we won’t mention the first nor dwell on his next four in charge. As he did get it right at Hampden later in the year against the Czechs. George Graham must be really pissed though, he scored the two goals for Scotland in a fine 2 nil win over the Welsh, but it’s Stein who only played for the last ten minutes that gets the front page.
               Inside the magazine there is a picture of Willie Morgan, no doubt on the wing, in Manchester United colours. A black and white photo of Sunderland’s Billy Hughes, (brother of Celtic’s John) who gained a solitary cap for Scotland against Sweden in 1975. There is also an article on Ted McDougall, who would also make his debut for Scotland that night, indeed scoring Scotland’s goal in the one all draw in Gothenburg.
             However, the question still remains why the hell are we wearing an England strip?
After this was published Neil Emslie commented at the time that “Billy Hughes had a shoe shop in Sunderland called you guessed it ……Billys Shoes”.
David Stuart