Happy Anniversary

I’m always on the lookout for a ‘Happy Anniversary’ to celebrate and so 6th April offers up the opportunity to remember a fine 2-1 victory against England at Wembley in 1963 which meant that Scotland were British Champions with a 100% record for the second successive season.

Incidently, this was a time when only Scotland from the four home nations chose not to take part in the qualifying campaign for the 1964 European Nations Cup.Anyway, two goals from Jim Baxter were enough to defeat an England side which included Gordon Banks, Bobby Moore, Jimmy Greaves and Bobby Charlton. Eric Caldow was the Scottish Skipper that day however he was stretchered off with a broken leg after only six minutes and so in the days before substitutes ten men clinched the Championship.1963 was also the English Football Association’s centenary year however a decade later when it was our centenary they would get their revenge in a St. Valentine’s day massacre at Hampden. We always hurt the ones we love so let’s just concentrate on the 1963 game shall we. Slanj.

Robert Marshall