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In Issue 1 of Scotland Epistles, David Stuart’s article World Cup Vinyl Countdown gives an excellent review of the vinyl records released in celebration of Scotland reaching the finals of the biggest fitba tournament on the planet.

But what about the European Football Championship Finals, whilst we await independence and a proper crack at Eurovision? Well, a version of Purple Heather was released by Rod Stewart and the Scottish Euro ’96 squad but I don’t know if anything was produced to celebrate our appearance at the finals of Sweden ’92.

Looking ahead however and if we do make it to France 2016 then I hope we produce a celebratory CD [I don’t do downloads]. I also don’t care if it’s a load of tosh that features Dougie Vipond on drums and The Krankies on harmonies – I’ll still buy it! Come to think of it, if we qualify for next year’s finals I’ll endeavor to buy every piece of souvenir tat that is available – limited edition Scott Brown Euro Y-fronts included.


Robert Marshall

First posted on Facebook April 8th, 2015