If you take a look at the Scotland ticket stubs from recent World Cup and Euro Championship qualifying campaigns you’ll see that they contain the associated SFA-approved catchy [or non-catchy] slogan. Currently it is ‘We are Scotland’ – just in case you thought we were Upper Volta or the Cook Islands. Easy enough error to make I suppose.

For the 2014 World Cup campaign it was ‘Hampden will Roar’ [ not during the four out of five home qualifiers that were win-less it didn’t] whilst for Euro 2012 it was ‘We stand together’. Our ‘togetherness’ with Craig Levein and his management team started to dissipate however after the infamous ‘strikerless ‘ match in Prague against the Czech Republic.


Back to the 2010 World Cup and it was ‘We’ll be coming’ but unfortunately we didn’t and so South Africa had to make do without us. Looking ahead then post-Summer 2016 and the pessimist in me says let’s adopt ‘We shall overcome’ whilst the optimist goes for ‘We are the Champions!’

Robert Marshall

First posted on Facebook on 26th April, 2015