This is not one of mine but was posted on TAMB by a guy called Toepoke. It’s from a Radio Times World Cup 1974 special. On the cover staunch Scotsman Billy Bremner seems to be gritting his teeth as Jimmy Hill places a hand on his shoulder, still it could have been worse it could have been Jimmy Saville. I wonder if the juxtaposition of one of Scotland’s all time heroes with one of our Auld Enemies affected sales and how many young Scots cut the page in half for their scrap books (Scrapbooking; it’s a 70’s thing).

Inside it promises exclusive colour pictures of soccer’s superstars and a guide to the 16 finalists. Needless to say England never qualified for World Cup ’74, (needless maybe but still fun to say).
Finally why no badge on the Scotland strip or is it just a shop bought cheap effort?

David Stuart

First posted on Facebook April 26th, 2015