Hopefully we are nearing the end of Scotland’s worst ever famine – no appearance at a major Finals since 1998. Our first famine however occurred between 1958 and 1974 and some of the great names from that era often cited as missing out on the big stages include John Greig [43 caps during the famine years], Jim Baxter [34], Willie Henderson [29], Billy McNeil [29], Eddie McCreadie [23] and Alan Gilzean [22].

In more recent times the higher number of caps won helps make for even more painful reading and includes Kenny Miller [69 caps], Gary Caldwell [55],James McFadden [48], Gary Naysmith [46] and Barry Ferguson [45]. No doubt there are a lot of other people’s favourites which could easily be added.Looking ahead then and is France 2016 the last realistic chance for players like Darren Fletcher [currently aged 31 and sitting on 67 caps], Alan Hutton [30/43 caps], and Scott Brown [29/43 caps] to strut their international stuff in front of a global audience?

Whatever their fate may be, surely nothing can be as cruel or as foolish as to take Jinky Johnstone [23 caps ultimately] to the 1974 World Cup Finals in West Germany……..and then not give him a game!

Robert Marshall

First posted on Facebook April 29th, 2015