A wise man once said something or other, about something but I’m not sure what it was. So there I was beer after beer awaiting the draw for the World Cup to find that like my sex life it was all over before I knew it. One minute it’s all anticipation and queuing up (such a bad metaphor but I’m a bit tired and alcohol fuelled) waiting for the climax and then the moment has passed (or is it pissed) and in a heartbeat it’s England, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Malta. Anyway that’s how it happened to me but enough of my shortcomings.
There are some things in life that it is worth waiting for and for your edification this is one of them. Issue 3 of the Scotland Epistles is just about ready to go to the printers and if I can sober up enough to give it a final proof read; it might even get sent to the printers tomorrow. It’s not the greatest picture of it as it’s a scan of a print but once I get a copy I will post another picture.
As always Robert, Alan and I are grateful of the support you have all given us over the last year. We are struggling to keep it going financially but each and every Like keeps us going, for each and every copy of the Epistles we sell we get more determined to keep it going also. We are committed to 4 issues but then I think of the prospect of England in the World Cup Qualifiers (and who knows how that might end,) and it has given us that extra spark for next year and more issues.
So once more I ask that you take us there; start to share articles, start to add likes and comments, start to write your own and send them to Alan. Let’s try together to get to 300 likes in the next month or so. So over the next few weeks let as many people know as you can about the magazine and the Facebook page. Hopefully the next issue will be out in the next week or two and if you haven’t bought the mag before please do.
Oh I just remembered what it was the wise man said “Buy the magazine and let us live the dream”.

David Stuart

First posted on Facebook July 25th, 2015