So there I was on Tuesday morning quietly pleased with myself for having managed to buy tickets on line to watch Thistle v Wigan for the Tuesday night and then for Rotherham on Saturday when my fellow Epistler or is it Bullshitter Baldy Boabby Marshall emails me to say he has won tickets to watch the World Cup draw at Hampden on the Saturday too.
It was a slight dilemma for me, but when Robert told me the details i.e. a drinks reception at Hampden, Gordon Strachan and Stuart McCall in attendance along with Peter Martin sans Alan Rough, well what can I say but Robert you had me at a Drinks Reception.
So I’m looking forward to it although I am going straight from work, so will probably fall asleep half way through the CONCAF draw. Like Gordon Strachan I don’t have a preference for who we get, although the Isle of Man and Guernsey would be nice especially if they came out of Pot 1 and 2. You never know with these Russians and the shenanigans at FIFA of Mr. Blatter. Seriously though, it doesn’t matter who you get for in a years’ time, one team slumps whilst another one improves and before you know it we’re chasing our tails trying to qualify.
Still, couldn’t we just forget about the qualifying stages and just make it a knockout cup tourney every year, with seedings so that our World Cup journey starts against the Pitcairn Islands (why should Australia always get the big scores?), Belize, Greenland or Cape Verde Islands that way we don’t need to worry about getting out of the group stages. I suppose the only thing is the draw would take hours. (Ball number 4 Algeria v Ball 239 Tuvalu).
Anyway here’s hoping we get a decent draw but the question you’re no doubt asking is will Robert and I be punting the Epistles at the draw or having pictures taken with WGS holding #1 and 2 in his hands. I can’t help thinking we should but we won’t. Hopefully we might see some of you there although I don’t know who any of you are; unless of course Thistle sign make a major signing in the morning and by that I don’t mean a Feckin’ Mascot.PS Happy Birthday to Jim Leighton for the 24th and Darren Jackson for the 25th.

David Stuart

First posted on July 24th, 2015