Football and contrived photographs tend to go together like Laurel and Hardy or John Martin and Airdrieonians and so just for the hell of it I’ve picked out a couple of my favourites from ‘Fitba’ magazine from 1998.

Leaving aside the anomaly that there tends not to be Mexican bandits in Argentina it’s hard to imagine other National Managers/Coaches acting the goat in the same way as Oor Ally. Cesar Luis Menotti as a Pirate of the Caribbean complete with stuffed parrot on shoulder or Helmut Schon as Ming the Merciless with ray-gun in hand? I don’t think so.The ability to be able to laugh at yourself is deemed healthy but perhaps on occasion we take it a step too far.


And so to the Lawman, our ace striker who had the reactions of a mongoose and a hairstyle to match. 55 caps produced 30 goals which is pretty impressive and yet I was surprised to learn that Denis the Menace didn’t score in any of his last eleven internationals.I caught Denis right at the tail-end of his Scotland career and as a result only saw him twice play for Scotland [caps 52 and 54 versus West Germany and Northern Ireland respectively]. Conversely I was ‘lucky’ enough to see Lee Wilkie in more than half of his Scotland appearances! Isn’t it funny how things work out?

Who’s Scotland career did you witness the start and/or end of?

Robert Marshall

First posted on Facebook August 29th, 2015