It’s taken me a week to write this short, cathartic piece – so let’s get it over with shall we?It was no disgrace losing 2-3 to the World Champions, indeed we performed much better at home against the Germans than Brazil did in July last year. What really hurt was the performance and result against Georgia three days previous. It was still annoying however that we didn’t manage to grab a point at Hampden but there were some positives not least seeing that arrogant [though admittedly excellent] sweeper-keeper Manuel Neuer concede two goals. So no clean sheet for you mein Herr but perhaps you can make up for it with a stunning display in Dublin next month.

It was also good to see that the SFA took Alan Nelson’s advice [see Epistles no. 3] and cut back on the pre-match pyrotechnics. This time the ‘entertainment’ budget was spent on putting a Piper on the roof and cards for the north stand depicting the message ‘We are Scotland’. I could be wrong but I think most people knew that anyway especially after our message at the Georgia game was ‘We are shocking’.

All will be forgiven though if we make it into and through the play-offs. Ach, chances are we’ll forgive Scotland no matter what….

And another thing, just to show that there is no west coast bias here at Bullshit House I’d like to echo the sentiments contained within the Scotland-Germany programme and say Happy 20th Birthday [come 5th November] to ETA – no not the Basque separatist organisation but the Edinburgh Tartan Army. Also back in November 1995 Scotland would conclude a SUCCESSFUL Euro campaign with a 5-0 demolition of San Marino at Hampden with goals from Eoin Jess, Scott Booth, Ally McCoist, Pat Nevin and Fabio Francini. Happy days….

Robert Marshall.

First posted on Facebook September 14th, 2015