Well, it’s not been the greatest weekend has it? Has anyone recovered enough from Friday’s events to face work again on Monday or even think about the game? I’ve been working all weekend so it’s been a bit easier to get through, at least I’ve not spent the weekend mulling over the game or tipping myself over the edge by trawling through Fans Forums. Jesus, there must be about forty different threads on TAMB alone whether it’s picking on this player or that or Strachan’s choices. The truth is we were crap and hopefully we can’t be that bad again . . . surely.
And anyway, you guys think you’ve got it bad; spare a thought for us Epistles guys. We’ve launched a magazine with plans to get us all the way to the finals. Who’s going to buy issue four and where the hell are we going to sell it?

So please remember Robert and I have families to support and kids to get through Uni and buy their first car it seems and if you haven’t already bought a copy of issue 3 please do tomorrow or at least get yer mate to buy one. Robert will be on Somerville Drive selling, I will be the other side from Lesser Hampden. Watch out for my great selling technique; generally hold a copy up in the air and just look forlorn, so please cheer me up and buy a copy or say hello.
Robert’s wife and her friend will be selling on Aitkenhead Road at the entrance near the Beechwood; my son Ewan will be selling near the transport hub on Aitkenhead too, up until 7.45pm as he’s going to play football at Toryglen. Who does that when a games on at Hampden?
Anyway thanks for your support already, we only need to sell a hundred or so and we might have an issue that makes a profit. Going back to Friday night Jamie Forrest came on as a sub and continued his run of playing against a different team every time he has been capped. 11 caps and 11 countries; namely Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, England, Belgium, Qatar and now Georgia. I know Simon Donnelly played against ten different teams also but surely Jamie must be unique in this and with games against Germany, Poland and Gibraltar to come, is there any stopping him?

I was heading home today on the good ol’ 75 bus and it was full of German supporters heading to Hampden to have a wee look see. I couldn’t help think that they were the Teutonic versions of Robert Marshall as I’m sure he reconnoitres empty football grounds and takes wee photos too. I wonder if they have a fanzine.
Finally, with the Germans coming to Hampden tomorrow I leave you with a couple of thoughts; despite their nations’ reputation for efficiency, they are still flawed and I have the proof in the pictures. These come from a German magazine produced before the ’78 World Cup. Come on getting Rioch (Happy Birthday Bruce, Pat Nevin and Brian O’Neill – maybe next year) and Stewart Kennedy mixed up is bad enough but Hugh Allan as Ally MacLeod that’s plain ridiculous.
The other thought is apparently that German phrase we’ve been hearing for years means Advancement Through Technique (or technology). So the Scottish call for tomorrow is not Advancement through technique but Vorsprung Durch Gettingstuckrightintaethem!
David Stuart

First posted on Facebook September 6th, 2015