The dream has died, but the nightmare goes on and on and on,,,,, I really thought we would qualify this time round but it all went ‘Pete Tong’. I blame Hamish Husband – was he not meant to be marking Lewandowski? Fair play to the Republic of Ireland though – they took four points off the World Champions – and I wish them all the best.

All I want to say about the Poland game is that I hugged David Stuart enthusiastically – twice – in the 45th and 62nd minutes – but ultimately it was all for nothing. Poland’s killer equaliser came deep into Richard Goughski time and as sore ones go it was like getting the anal probe with a cheese grater. See photos for flares and false scorelines.


I’m not as well traveled as many fellow Scotland supporters so the game against Gibraltar in Faro will be my first ever, totally meaningless, away tie. Sunshine and sipping beers by the swimming pool are no substitute for a chance to make the play-offs. However as the Martin Luther King Tartan Army are wont to sing – ‘We shall overcome. We shall overcome….’

Hopefully WGS will not have the brassneck to be a pontificating pundit during the Euro Finals next summer and that he’s hiding from our British and Irish neighbours like the rest of us until the World Cup qualifiers begin. Meanwhile for us masochistic collectors, we can look forward to the pain of completing an associated Panini stickers album that includes England, Wales, Northern Ireland and maybe the Republic of Ireland, but no us! Will I ever get a Scott Brown shiny?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m away into a darkened room to drink McEwan’s Export and to listen to my Carpenters CD. Make the pain go away, Karen……

Robert Marshall