Can you imagine the naivety of two guys meeting in a pub and thinking “Hey WGS is taking us all the way to France, let’s ride that crest of a wave and launch a Scotland fanzine”? What were we thinking? It was a near thing though wasn’t it; we nearly sold enough copies to keep us going. We had some good performances along the way. I mean look at those covers each one was better than the one before and we had issue four’s cover all planned out.
It was going to be a caricature of Wee Gordon holding the Henri Delaunay Trophy aloft with even tinier Shaun Maloney and Ikechi Anya hanging on to it.
Well bang goes that plan.So is this the end of the Scotland Epistles, Bullshit & Thistles? Is it whit! It’s time to kick on and move onwards and upwards; we will be bringing out an issue four in Spring 2016, even though Robert will need to remortgage his house to pay for it.
Things have been a wee quiet on the Facebook front as I have been working on a website. It’s still in its infancy and probably needs some tweaking here and there. The Facebook page has been great and we will continue to post stuff as often as before but with the website we hope to do other things such as galleries of Scotland football cards, stickers, posters, programmes or whatever.

I have also managed to put just about every Facebook posting on the site, which makes it easier to find old posts and photos as you can make searches for articles on players, managers, teams etc and find them all.

We will also be on the lookout for contributors, so feel free to contact and help us out via the website. As always please let others know about the Epistles; whether on Facebook, Website or indeed the actual magazine. Thanks to everyone who has shared a post or commented or liked us; it all helps.
Robert and I decided tonight that in future we won’t try to sell the fanzine at the game as it takes a lot out of our enjoyment of what should be a great occasion as we worry and fret over sales and don’t get to go to the pub beforehand.
So please if you haven’t already buy a copy and help us out. We love doing this but sometimes it can be difficult to sustain particularly on a night like tonight when victory has been snatched away from us with the very last kick of the ball.

David Stuart