Okay I know I’m probably pushing it a wee bit too far with this one but as you know we have provided some amount of material this year and probably will continue to do so until they take this keyboard away from “my Cold, Dead, Hands” but of course there’s a magazine to sell too.
I know it’s only a week or so ago I wrote about the number 69 and here I am pleading again for people to buy it. I will do a follow up to 69 soon but at the moment it will only be called 67!
Anyway, here’s the plan. First of all, around this time we seem to end up with lots of spare Christmas cards and Stamps. Well, why don’t you put the stamps to use? Send me 6 first class stamps and I will send you a copy of issue 3 or even only 5 and I can send issue 1 or 2 instead. I know it sounds a bit strange but if you don’t have Paypal it’s not easy to buy online when you can’t use a debit card.
The second offer is to think of giving issue 1-3 as a present this year to a deserving Scotland fan who maybe hasn’t latched on to the magazines yet. You can buy them on eBay for a total of £7 and £1.60 postage but if you send a payment to my email address via Paypal and make it a family and friend payment then the costs incurred via EBay and PayPal are reduced so you can buy for only £8 in total.
Please give this a thought and thanks for your support throughout the year. Payments via Paypal can be made to You can also get issue 3 for £4 including post and packing this way and £3 each for issue 1 and 2.

If you are going to send stamps or a Postal Order or cheque (Prices same as quoted). Then send to this address David Stuart, 117 Curtis Avenue, Glasgow G44 4NN. Contact me also on my email if you live abroad and want some issues that includes my brother John Stuart!

David Stuart