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100 Years of the Scottish Football Association. I picked this up on Great Western Road today, it’s a bit unwieldy as it’s 18 inches in length. I know many of you might like a good length but when it’s peeing it doun, you don’t want it exposed to the extremities of the Glasgow weather. Anyway, I had to buy a bin bag to get it home but with the price of a bag it was only £1.05 in total and well worth it. Given it’s over 42 years old, it’s actually in quite good nick.

As I said it’s a bit unwieldy but actually once you are able to set it out to read it’s quite interesting as it takes you from 1873 all the way to 1973. It does have bits and pieces on the National team including some graphs of our successful times and failures, of course if it included today’s team we might well have fell off the graph and into uncharted territory . . . or did Berti take us there already.

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There’s also stuff on some of the good club teams over the years including pictures of the East Fife Scottish Cup winning team of 1938, when everyone was worse than East Fife in that tournament as well as cup winning sides of Airdrie, Partick Thistle and others. All the great and good of Scottish football are mentioned with pieces on the Wembley wizards, the death of Celtic and Scotland goalkeeper John Thomson, R.S. McColl, Bill Struth and others.

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There’s also a montage drawing of Scotland managers, which reminds of the ones in the Epistles #3 magazine  as well as a photo of the team before the game with Brazil in 1972 in the Independence Cup thingamajig, which you don’t often see. I will scan that in the next few days and write a separate piece on it.

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Now all I need is a place to store the damn book without ruining it further


David Stuart