A second victory in five days and a second clean sheet. Well done Scotland. Well done Matt Ritchie for netting his third Scotland goal in eight caps and a big well done to Scott Brown on the achievement of winning his 50th Scotland cap.

Ok, so the win against Denmark wasn’t the most exciting match I’ve ever seen [although it was certainly one of the coldest/wettest Spring fixtures I’ve attended] but a win is a win and you only have to think back to the friendly matches during Berti Vogts term in office to remember what real pain is. Hopefully WGS got everything he wanted from the match – I got piles and another over-priced [£5.00] programme for my collection.

I feel I should point out that the Scotland Epistles fanzine costs only £3.00 and is written by real Scotland supporters not formulaic journalists. A big thank you then to everyone who purchased a fanzine at the Denmark game and who proferred words of praise, support and encouragement. It can be a shitty world at times but there are still a lot of decent people in it – and many of them are Scotland supporters!


Apparently there were less than 19,000 of us at Hampden, so as much as I still love the Grand old Lady of Mount Florida perhaps a smaller venue would have been a better option. That was the lowest Hampden crowd for a Scotland game since August 2011 when we played a friendly match against…….Denmark. 17,582 turned up that night.

And finally, if the SFA ever decide to restructure Hampden and get rid of the running track,then as well as installing a retractable roof can we have central heating too? Cushions would also be nice….

Robert Marshall