Well done Scotland in picking up another three valuable points on the road to France 2016 and also for helping with overseas [football] development via Gibraltar’s first competitive goal. Never forget it was Scots who helped with the early development of the game in places like Brazil and Argentina and look how well those ‘Tartan Proteges’ have done over the years.And who knows, we may even get a ‘British Championship’ next year if all four ‘Home Nations’ qualify and are drawn together in the same group. It’s amazing to think that Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales all made it to the 1958 World Cup Finals in Sweden which meant that 25% [some may even call it a quarter] of the qualifiers hailed from these septic, sorry, sceptred isles of ours.So heave to, me hearties and Fair stood the wind for France……..God but I’m full of it today.

Robert Marshall