First published on the Facebook Page 20th March 2015.


With the Scotland v Northern Ireland game coming up in a few days. I thought I would share this magazine cover. The magazine cover is from Jimmy Hill’s Football Weekly of February 23rd, 1968. I’m not sure if I have seen a football magazine cover so evocative of it’s time and with two of the greatest players these islands have ever produced on it. Two great stars side by side with Denis Law holding on to the ball, possibly prior to start the second half. Of course, George Best is probably saying to Denis ” If you think I ripped yer team to shreds in the first half, wait ’til you see what I’ve got for this one.”

      This game was know as the “George Best Match”, where George single handedly tore the Scots apart. Although the score was only one nil to Northern Ireland with Clements scoring the goal if you have a look at the game on You Tube you will see some magic produced by Best throughout the game.
David Stuart