If they ever do allow bevvy at the fitbaw again, here is the perfect ale

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I loved the Hampden beer images so much so that they had me scuttling to the back of my garage [aka Area 51] in search of something similar.I think the ‘Hampden Roar’ label is from the 1950s but hey I’m no David Dickinson -TF!

Nowadays, the Mount Florida hostelry, The Clockwork Beer Company produce their own ‘Hampden Roar Ale’ which was previously known as ‘Thunder and Lightning.’ Alas, it gave me a dose of the ‘Bryan Gunns.’WHEN Scotland qualify for next year’s Euros hopefully we will have some celebratory beers to enjoy [EG Saviour Strachan’s Eighty Shilling] and associated labels and beermats to collect.

The Danny McGrain beermat is from the Argentina 78 collection but unfortunately he didn’t make it to South America due to a serious foot injury. Another one for theWhat If? file.

Robert Marshall

First posted on Facebook April 22 / 23, 2015