Couldn’t resist another Colin Stein photo taken I have been informed by Hamish Husband from Hugh Taylor’s The Scottish Football Book No.16.  I was initially a bit puzzled as to the game as well. It turns out it is West Germany v Scotland in a World Cup Qualifier from October ’69. Scotland lost 3-2 and lost out in going to Mexico ’70. If you watch highlights of this game there is two pitch invasions by the Germans after their second and third goals. Although, it’s all very civilised and seems to be middle aged gentleman in trilby’s, you do wonder what would be made of it today.

The goalkeeper is Sepp Maier which kind of threw me at the time as he was wearing black socks when the rest of his team wore white. Of course the other thing about Sepp Maier was those giant gloves. I always imagined when he took them off he had these giant hands that fitted the whole of the glove.
However, it’s really the referee in the photo that’s worth noticing. Is he multi-tasking by blowing his whistle and farting at the same time? Again if you look at the video of the game on You Tube, the ref starts the game with a white top on but changes to black in the second half. Must’ve clashed with the Germans on TV one supposes.
David Stuart

First posted on Facebook July 17th, 2015. Amended 7th October, 2015